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  2. Write a word with the last letter above the word

    Da fuk? Hol up cuz...
  3. Error 404: Failed to submit post, N pass not found.
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  5. Bug Reports and Suggestions.

    That is what I do not know. It will be that I do not have it activated, or what can it be?
  6. [Gift] Wrath

    looks dope!
  7. Bug Reports and Suggestions.

    Due to an update, i rewrote the perks plugin which resulted in this bug, ill fix it asap. And about weapons ill check on them aswell Edit: Donor fixed
  8. Bug Reports and Suggestions.

    Why do not I have my guns and models of donor?
  9. Bug Reports and Suggestions.

    @Wrath increases the damage of these weapons: Catapult and Chainsaw.
  10. [Gift] Wrath

    I also want one. lol
  11. [Gift] Wrath

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