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My apology

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Hello everyone! 

I think some of you know me. anyways, my name in game is Nour Sahle, i had been here as a member for over 3 years, by the time i left. i was a little boy trying to attract people's attention and finding methods to become pretty personality. 

A question you may ask to yourself, why did i come back here? 
because i have grown up here, by pieces of advice you had given to me at that period therefore, i can't leave the place where i grew up. 

Now, I'm new person i have started studying at a university, throughout the 3 years i have been improving myself at English , administration and school as well. 

I know that i may not be accepted here, i'm writing this to apologize about what i did in the past and to be come a member if it's possible.

Hope you all well during the pandemic. 

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Hey Nour! Welcome back to the community! Glad you stop by and introduced yourself again :D 

You are not alone my friend, some of us have been held hostage in the community for almost decades (myself included which is almost 8 years now:kappa:)

Hope everything is fine! I really don't remember what you did before, but over time people learn. 3 years is enough to learn about responsibilities. Good luck on your studies buddy!:perfect:

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I'm glad to see you here again!

Calm down, we all make mistakes. and sitting down to think and reflect is the best thing you can do, over the years one learns. Although i think we all deserve a second chance.

I hope to see you here more often and that your exams went well!

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