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Laming explained

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 The question of "what is laming?" has been asked by players and admins alike. 

Laming can be described as any action by a player to disrupt the server's general game play. Also can be intentional or unintentional by a player. 

Examples of intentional laming by a player are:

- Constant Terrorist Spawn camping after being warned,

- Constant camping by any player that slows down game play for others. (Camping is any time a player is not doing the objective of the game. Ts plant the bomb CTs diffuse the bomb. Its a simple game)


Laming can also be:

- constant mic spamming,

- constant team flashing,

- constant trolling in chat box. 


Unintentional laming can be as simple as having a ping that is so high it affects the  game play of the server.

These examples are not an all inclusive list but an in general list of reasons for lamming.

As players you should not use any action that would be considered annoying or trolling of other players just for the sake of annoying them. As an admin you should show great judgement in using laming as a reason for a slap, slay, kick, or temp ban.

Permanent bans should not be used for laming. A player simply "talking bad" to you is not laming. 

If a player goes as far as complete disrespect to any admins then that offense is not laming. Admin disrespect, which is completely different, should be dealt with according to the level of disrespect. If you feel a player deserved a permanent  ban for laming then make a demo of that player and notify a Head level admin or higher. 

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BOS is Ban On Sight. It is used for a known ban evader and no demo of that player is needed. The player being in the server after being banned is proof enough. Just make sure the player is an actual evader by comparing their Steam ID, keyid, and/or they have a similar IP (use a IP location tool, if same name and different IP but IP shows same region as the banned IP,  that is sufficient; also, frequently the first 2 sets of numbers will be the same) before banning. Having an identical name, particularly on less unique names, does not mean they are the same player. Example: I ban a player named “warrior player”, then a few minutes later a player named “warrior player” joins the server. I can not just ban that player based on their name. I need to make sure it’s the same “warrior player” I banned before. 

This method requires a bit of investigation and a certain level of assumption, so if you aren't absolutely certain, don't use it. Many times they will still be breaking the rules or hacking as they were previously, and it can be easier to record a demo and ban for that than going through the trouble of verifying that they are an evader.

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