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I was a unknown player to you guys but it has  been 2 years now... I still remember the fun times i had in this community. As I look back I have trails of tears coming out of my eyes. I grew up playing here. But i have decided that I will be leaving permanently.  My reason is because I don't want to be in the position of being admin anymore therefore, I can focus on real life problems. I'm not saying that this is bringing me down. It's just there is not a handful of time I can use to be here. Also I wanted to back off on playing video games. I'v sat on a chair looking at a screen my whole life until I finally realize what I'm doing. Then this other thing called school. I have raised it my grades but then It quickly plunked. I think this is the last semester. If I don't pass I'm not going to high school. My parents are disappointed. I will always remember my friends, the time we played,trolled, and make fun of each other. I'm not coming back. I'll probably visit once in a while. Just to see how you guys are doing. You guys are like family to me you've guided, made me experienced, also have some drama but that's what I'm grateful for. 

Thank you for everything and Good luck.

December 10, 2017 - March 11, 2018 

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2 hours ago, Honeybunny said:

Good luck to you. Definitely stay focused on school! See u around.

Totally agreed with this. Hope you success with your grades from now on.

It's been a pleasure to have you as an admin.

Good luck!

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Goodbye friend, thanks for being an excellent admin in zombie plague. I'm going to miss you too much and your presence, I hope to meet you some day and fight again together lol, good luck in life and in everything, see you soon @IItzFaithYT .

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