[EVENT] Trouble in Terrorist Town


If you don't know what Trouble in Terrorist Town or TTT is, it's a game mode where a number (depending on how many players are there) of players are chosen as Terrorists. Their role is to kill everyone else with the help of special equipment such as silent knives, bombs and what not. There are 2 other classes, innocents and detectives. Detectives have the power to figure out who killed a player with the help of detective tools. It's an really fun mode, sort of like a party game! 



Server IP:
Date/Time: 17th February, Saturday, 10 PM UTC

At the end of the event, I'll do a random giveaway of 3 games to 3 players. So stick around if you're in for a free game!


Also a huge thank you to @Wachi and @Wrath! They both sat through and helped me with setting the TTT mode up on the events server, really grateful.
Players registered:

  1. .ris
  2. Wachi
  3. itzFaithYT
  4. Nhuck
  5. iSUCK
  6. shmola

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Sounds really fun.  I will try my best to be there but weekends are hard for me because irl things.  But I will do my best to make it if I can.  

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Thanks to everyone for coming and grats @iSUCK cs1.6 on winning the giveaway!

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