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[EVENT] BHOP Tournament

Hey everybody! Time for another event.

As the title states, this will be a bhop tournament.
Before reading further, I'll let you know that this will take quite some time as only 1 player will be playing the map at a time. So join the event taking that into consideration.

airaccelerate will be set to 100 so that it's not easy and not hard and everyone can have a good time.


Server IP:
Map: bkz_goldbhop 
Date/Time: 13th January, Saturday, 9PM UTC  20th January, Saturday, 9PM UTC.
Prize: Will be a humble bundle!


Players registered:

1. Nhuck
2. BruchoGun
3. Gotchu
4. IItzFaithYT
5. Watchi


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Since i don't see any one else entering I'll be there for fun. 

Yo @Zer0virusx come so i can see you fail at bhoping lol.  

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Hey everyone! I'll be postponing the event to next week as only 4 people have registered so far.
Event will now be on 20th January, Saturday, 9PM UTC. Exactly 1 week from now. Apologies if you guys cleared your schedules today but I don't want the event to be boring or a chore.

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