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I need help picking one...

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Hi guys so i'm having trouble picking a shirt or sweater to buy. 

Should i buy this 



Or This



or this


I just want your honest opinion on witch one i should get. 

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11 minutes ago, Wachi said:

Why not all? :blush:

I'll stick with #3

In total it would be $472 

But meh would be worth it though xD 

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#1 for $343 is absolute not worth it. That flame just speaks out those shit decals people paint on their cars, the typical redneck fire (here's a proof: https://puu.sh/ydCqB/0490aada6b.png)

#2 I dont know where you're from but $72 for a typical hoodie is a LITTLE bit over average. Its a ok for me. If you REALLY ABSOLUTELY love it, get it. If you just looking for an excuse to spend money, dont.

#3 Personally not my style (including colour) but again, if you need a T shirt and you really like it, get it, or else don't. All depends on your location. I can probably get that kind of T shirt for like $15~20 here considering brand T shirt with V necks are usually $25~35.


In conclusion, personally I dont like all 3. But if its your style and if you really want it, go for it. Just not #1. Absolute waste of money.

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omfg over 300 bucks for just a "meh" hoodie.... comon Faith dont get fooled ! unless the  hoodie can make homework for you or cook a nice meal....


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Let me tell you what $300 CAD can get you, just so you can compare and see how its not worth the value:

1. DKNY's real leather, biker's style jacket (and real leather jackets are usually mad expensive)

2. Intel core i7-6800k @3.40 ghz; one of top CPU out in the market

3. Geforce GTX 970 graphic card, again one of top GPU out there in the market

4. 1 month of luxurious amount of grocery where you can enjoy meat for both lunch and dinner

5. If you find a good Asian store, you can get full slim fit suit (dress pants, blazer, vest all together) for $300

6. High brand goggle/glasses (e.g. Oakley, ray-bans)



List goes on. You can find a LOT better clothing from online shops (Guess, DKNY, GAP, you name it, just go on their website). Have that shit ship to wherever you live, outside of North America, and it'll still be under $300.

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