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[EVENT] Hide and Seek!

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Hey everyone! Time for another event!

This time, we'll be playing Hide and Seek
For those who aren't familiar with the mod:

  • This is a Counter-Strike 1.6 mod where the hiders (Terrorists) must hide from the seekers (Counter-Terrorists) until the round ends.
  • The teams will swap when the Counter-Terrorists win, or when X rounds have ended.
  • The hiders are equipped with a broken, invisible knife, an HE grenade, two flashbangs, and a smokegrenade.
  • The seekers are equipped with a knife.
  • Both teams are given 100 armor.

This isn't a competition or a tournament, we'll just be getting together to have some fun, so please feel free to join! 

Date: 5th October, Thursday.
Time: 10PM UTC
Map: hns_easycity
Discord: It's completely up to you if you want to join discord or not. I highly recommend it though as yelling at each other is something we all look forward to! You don't have to necessarily speak, presence is enough.
Server IP:
Password: Won't be set, everyone's free to join!

I will be making a calendar event and you can RSVP there. As this is the first time, if you're having trouble with RSVP'ing on the calendar, you can just post whether you'll be making it in this topic. I'll add it to the list. Click on the event in the calendar and you should be able to RSVP on the left side. Let me know if you're having trouble doing so.



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