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iSUCK cs1.6

Classic server maps

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Is there a way to fix/change the map selection in the classic server. It looks like the same maps are being used in it that were used in the UWC server before it was changed. I think the classic server is fun and I have noticed other players enjoying it as well. With a few minor tweaks like this I think it could be even better.   Here is a list of maps that I think would work very well in the classic server.   Assault,  Dust 1  ( dust 2 is already covered in the main 1 server) Inferno, Train, Nuke, Aztec, Office, Italy. We could also throw in Pool day and/or snow for something to play when there are only a few players playing.  Thanks to everyone who has put in the hard work to give us this server. 

Also is there a way to limit the time per map to 10 mins or less?  This would seem to help if people do not like the map that is being played at the time. 

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yes as @iSUCK cs1.6 said it would be better if we could  have other maps as she said above.the server has dust and inferno maps  but other maps for instance : fy_snow, de_aztec, de_nuke, de_cbble , de_train , cs_assault, for selecting . it has few maps for voting and changing . we can say rtv for changing maps or nominate those maps but we dont have it on admin change-level or vote map menu. i really appreciate it if @Wrath add these maps on admin change level menu or vote map because it has only 9 maps for selecting or voting. 

With respect Ali

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