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Staff Update #6

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11 hours ago, AnnaLee said:

How come this topic isnt up to date @Lasse

@`miku. is now a GFX designer ?! he is joining @Jaxiki into that department... what for ?

Maybe new clan skins in order to offer members who unlocked all unlockables a Lvl 2 :D

just sayin

This topic is very much up to date. 

First of all GFX Designer isn't a staff rank and second of all miku became a GFX designer after this topic was made. If 'GFX Designer' had been a staff rank then she would have been mentioned in the next staff update topic. 

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congrats to all the newbies! and best of luck to sleepie and Girinos! Hope to see you guys at least every now and then!

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