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My name : Ali.

I Was born in Khomdeh , a small village near tehran, and lived there for some years. Life in this village was not that much hard there were things which made life more pleasant and much more relaxed for us. we enjoyed the clean air in winter, There was a lot of snow and rain. but, It was wet and warm is spring and sunny and hot in summer .
Now I live in the tehran life in a city is much harder than life in a village. In cities there are lots of facilities such as universities , libraries , museums, cinemas, airpots, bus terminals , centers, Sports centers, etc. But There are problems too. heavy Traffic, Pollution, and noise are some examples. 

In Villages, people have a different life they are busy working in fields or on farms. they raise animal such as cows , sheep , and horses. They prepare the farms in fall and raise crops they are happy when it is rainy and snowy some farmers use tractors to plow their farms.

Fav Singer : Hospsin,KodaK BlacK , rolex ayo and teo, Lil Uzi Vert – XO TOUR Llif3


Cry on my amires plush you.

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Welcome ...

Ra is great community. thanks for those reports ... good to see you here. if you have any questions we are here to help.

With respect Ali

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