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[Update #6] Merge of clans

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The staff team started discussing merging the three clans into one a while ago. We then forwarded the idea to the members of the three clans and made a poll to get their opinion. The result more or less speaks for itself:


There are a couple changes included in this.

 1. The merge.

  • rA, rS and rZ have become one under the tag -rA.

2. How to join the clan

3. Weapon skins.

  • Weapon skins for all weapons are now unlockable in all of the CS 1.6 servers.
  • They are only unlockable by clan members.
  • In game command: /skinslist.
  • You will need a specific amount of kills with a weapon to unlock the skin for said weapon.
  • Different amount of kills are needed to unlock the skins in the different servers.




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