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[TUT] Auto ingame ads about giveaways, contests...etc


so first of all, this feature works in cs 1.6 servers. but doesn't mean the topics has to be only about it. can be anything.

recently I made a plugin which scans the forum's topic titles for certain words which i'll mention bellow. then prints them ingame's chat to inform everyone about it.

the words are:







please use these in the topic title to allow the game to print them, that if you want it to show up to other players.

for example: [GIVEAWAY] GTA V + Dead island 2



this way the game will print those titles along with their url, example:



You can also force view them ingame by typing in chat:





and /announcements

each one of them shows a maximum of 4 latest topics, if nothing found, it'll show "nothing new..."

not to mention, it only shows topics that are open and ignores the closed topics. so please inform a moderator about your topic to close it when you're done with it.

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