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New servers?

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We (Wrath and I) have been talking about maybe setting up some more CS 1.6 servers. I don't want to create new servers if nobody is interested in playing in them so I'd like to hear what you think as well as some suggestions to what kind of servers we could / should make. Bhop, capture the flag and Warcraft 3 server have all been suggested already. 


So.. if you think we should consider opening up some more servers and if you have any suggestions as to what kind of servers then please let us know here.

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As far as I know, the most popular modes are CTF, ZE and DR (GameTracker comparisson) 

Warcraft servers are the less popular and with just a few available, 15 to be exact (in GT of course).


Bhop servers are the second worst ranked mode.

If we need popularity, I'll stick with CTF or ZE.

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I bet deathrun/jailbreak would be popular, although that's like my least played 1.6 mode. I would definitely play it if others think that a DR server would be good for the community.


CTF sounds cool too.


ZE = zombie something?

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My suggestion:


I think Deathrun is fun and pretty popular. You dont really need to communicate with others so there will be no unfairness among the non-english speaker

●Bhop/Kz (climb mode)

This mode is fun and popular too, but need skill and practice to enjoy it. So maybe only veteran players and players that are looking for challenge will enjoy it


Another fun and popular mode. But this one needs a good communicating skill and English. And afaik there is a quite big amount of people who do not speak english really well or do not speak english at all. So that would be a problem for attracting players



-Superhero mode would also be cool and goes well along with the ZM mod, but I dont know if people still play it or if it even still exist at all

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well to get more of players to rA, apparently jailbreak would be good but personal choice would be bhop/kz & deathrun ( without auto bhop plugin ).

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Zombie Escape - a pretty well fair gameplay of a zombie escape (No abilities and other crap) 

Capture The Flag - pretty much i've missed playing that mode. The last time i played CTF was probably around 3 years ago now ever since i joined here LOL

and maybe Jailbreak would be nice. 

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