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DoctOr Daniel

~rA. Apply

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I don't know why my id switches

Look This



Not sure what is happening but that explains why you are non-steam on main 1. HOWEVER, this does not change the fact that you had 0 min game on main 1 before your application, 43 min before my post yesterday and another 53 min after my post !

And to be honest with you, if there was a way for me to check your DM play time, I am almost sure I would see far less than what you claim (8-7 h a week).

That being said, I am going to make another exception (as I did for some of our newer members) and accept your application since you have some positive votes as well. But you (and other new members) should stay active on our 4 servers or you will lose the clan tag.


@Lasse please add him to the rA private

@Wrath please add his steam ID for skins

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