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[HOW TO] Improve your FPS + All about FPS

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Everything provides FPS. Eg : including Games, FPS Shooters, video films, motion capture systems and many more provide a fps. Few games allows you to see em, few not.

FPS is basically in every graphical process but we just don't see it in human's eyes

What is FPS?

Word "FPS" stands for Frames per second. More frames you got, you get well, lets say your games get a bits faster and all of attributes are working better, such as you can run faster, you can jump higher just because of fps.

Although too much fps will cause your games to be slow down because of too many frames to be displayed in short time. However we'll talk about that later.

How do i get FPS?

Basically, you are already having a fps rate. Although you can always improve it.

Most commands are throgh console and problem is, some commands what are the same are different in some games. Example : fps_max in Counterstrike is com_maxfps in Call of Duty. Since Ambrosia is counterstrike suspected community, this tutorial will also be about FPS improving on Counterstrike.

Follow me step by step :

1. Run your Counterstrike. It doesn't matter if you run it through hl.exe or cstrike.exe

2. Open your console [ default ` / ~ ] button, ( button under escape )

3. Write in it cl_showfps 1 press, enter.

4. There are 2 ways to complete this step

a) You can write following commands in console, 1 by 1 (check for commands slightly below)

B) or, Go to your counterstrike directory

(default got steam is : "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\"Your steam name"\counter-strike\cstrike )

(default for non-steam is : "C:\Program Files\Counterstrike\cstrike" )

Find there file named : userconfig.cfg

If you don't have file 1, simply google it and download which one you want. In bottom of config paste these following commands

Commands :

[color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]fps_override 1[/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]cl_shadows 0[/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]fps_max 200[/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]developer 1[/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]sys_ticrate 1000[/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]rate 25000[/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]cl_rate 10000[/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]gl_picmip 2[/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]gl_max_size 512[/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]cl_yawspeed 300[/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]gl_playermip 2[/font][/color]

5. If you added those commands by userconfig.cfg way you have to click save on yours userconfig.cfg file close it and restart your counterstrike, if you did it by console you can leave your Counterstrike running.

Now check in the upper screen, your fps should be about 100. You can modify em by command

fps_max #value, examples : fps_max 101, fps_max 450 etc.

If this works for you, skip the step 5 & step 6 and check How to use FPS wisely

5.If your fps is stucked on 90 or still on 60, you'll have to follow more steps.

Now this might be a bit harder. To do this, you must have a nVidia, Dell or Atti video - graphics card

5.1 If you know your graphics card name, you can ignore this step. However be 100% sure because mistakes may screw up your graphics.

So, if you don't know your graphic card, we'll need to find out. Click here to see ur gphx card : http://i914.photobuc...009/Grafika.png

If you have problems findint it through pictures.

Start -> Run -> dxdiag -> Display [ there's Name of gphx card ]

Now you need to find your opengl.dll driver. Im warning you yet again, don't mess with it and follow carefully or it might mess up your graphics.

go to "C:/Windows/System32/ [ find opengl.dll] - if you have ati card [ atioglxx.dll ]

Copy it, and im writing yet again COPYdo not transfer / cut it! to your gldrv folder.

(Default steam : C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\"your steam name"\counter-strike\gldrv)

(Default non-steam : C:\Program Files\Counterstrike\gldrv)

Now open your drvmap.txt file (found in gldrv directory where you pasted opengl.dll / atioglxx.dll)

Once the drvmap.txt is opened

change code to - depending on file you selected.

If you used opengl.dll do - gldrv/opengl.dll

If you used aioglxx.dll do - gldrv/atioglxx.dll

Sidenote : On some computers may occur you don't have opengl.dll but opengl32.dll Use that one then

Click save.

If this works for you, skip the step 6 and check How to use FPS wisely

If your fps is still around 60 or 90 it's your graphic card vsync problem

vsync is in full name vertical sync that forces your graphic card to limit the value of FPS. You can change it really easily, although it's depending on what gphx card are you using.

a) If you're using Nvidia Card, do :

1. Open control panel in windows.

2. There will be a Nvidia icon that says "Nvidia Control Panel". Click on that.

3. Now you want to click on "manage 3d settings" on the side menu of the control panel.

4. Make sure you are looking at global settings, then scroll down to the bottom and force the vertical sync off.

B) If you're using Atti Card, do:

1. Open control panel in windows.

2. Click on the ATI Catalyst Control Center

3. Now in the menu on the left hand side, click "all settings"

4. Scroll to the bottom and put the "Wait for vertical refresh" all the way down till it says always off.

c) If you're using Dell Card, do :

1. Go to the Control Panel

2. Click on display or appearence and themes

3. Click on settings , then advanced.

4. On the top you will see Intel Extreme Graphics or Intel Graphics Media Accelerator

5. Now click on Graphics Properties

6. Open the OpenGL or 3D Settings

7. Finally to disable vsync, set Asynchronous Flip to On, and then click Apply.

If you're interested for optional settings that makes ur game better and fps help you alot u can check article below named : How to use FPS wisely

Done! YOUR FPS SHOULD BE WORKING LIKE A CHARM NOW. You can always set amount of fps by command :

fps_max #value, example : fps_max 101, fps_max 450 etc. Also make sure always your :

developer is set to 1 ( in console : developer 1 )

How to use FPS wisely?

Every game and every mod has it very own best fps level. So here are few smart settings :

If you're playing on classic shooting mode, select ur fps_max about 250, if scope about 150.

If you're playing on surf, select ur fps_max about 115.

If you're playing on deathrun, if you want to go fast select about 200-300. If you want to go fast, although a bit slower to have more time to react 400-500


[font=arial black][color=#ff0000]note : [b][u]As of latest steam Counter-strike 1.6 update, it is now necessary to use [/u][/b][b]fps_override 1[/b][b][u] alongside developer 1 and fps_max #value[/u][/b][/color][/font]

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