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[HOW TO] Toggle your mic

Heya ,

Lot of people on surf are telling me that they are having hard time while pressing K or some random key while also playing at the same time , so I'm sharing with you this script I made a while ago , basically it's made so you don't need to keep on pressing the button for the whole time

[/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]alias micerino "micerino_workerino"[/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]alias "micerino_workerino" "+voicerecord; alias micerino micerino_offerino" [/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]alias "micerino_offerino" "-voicerecord; alias micerino micerino_workerino" [/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]bind "MOUSE3" "micerino" [/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]echo "--- This script was made by your lord and saviour goofy ---"[/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=dejavu sans mono]echo "--- lol jk remove these two lines ---"[/font][/color][color=#AAAAAA][font=Arial]

basically copy this in your userconfig.cfg in your cstrike , if you do not have a userconfig file , make one and copy this in it ! Don't forget to add this "exec userconfig.cfg" (without quotes ofc) in your config.cfg file !

If you're not comfortable with MOUSE3 as the toggle button , just change it in the code I gave earlier to some other button you prefer



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