well you can't fix that as it depends on your mouse acceleration, handling of mouse and each gun as try all of these stuff, may be it will help you.

cs 1.6 launch options : -nomsaa -nofbo -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -nojoy -freq 60 ( depends on your monitor, how much refresh rates it supports "hertz" ).

install latest directx i guess its 9.

cs 1.6 video settings: disable vertical sync, disable HD models, disable allow custom addon content, enable on low video graphics quality

cs 1.6 console commands: rate 25000, cl_updaterate 10, cl_cmdrate 30, cl_dlmax 512, cl_dynamiccroshair 0, cl_bob 0, fps_max 101, fps_override 1, cl_lc 1, cl_lw 1, hud_fastswitch 1, ex_interp 0.1, developer 0, cl_weather 0, cl_shadows 0, gl_fog 0, gl_vsync 0, gl_ansio 0, cl_mousegrab 0, m_rawinput 0, m_filer 0

cs 1.6 resolution: fullscreen but 640 x 480 or 800 x something.

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I actually do rate 100000 now because of some new updates or something. Someone told me this and I think it's rate. Even before I did rate 30000. I might be wrong here but rate 100000 seems to help.

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Actually, if you do cl_updaterate 101 and cl_cmdrate 105, "it will automatically change the values by itself". rate 100000 (what Plato said) worked fine with a lot of players who asked to fix their lag spikes and other things in ZP, and these settings worked so far.

Just set it up and see which values do actually work, parcero.

Good luck!

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