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26 minutes ago, corsi said:

Can you explain how going to the classic 1.6 server is bringing in more players? Cause I haven't seen much change since it was agreed to go back to classic and no plugins. Every time I'm in the server someone is complaining about being blocked, it happens all the time.

We should be doing whatever it takes to get it populated like it used to be. I don't like playing with 10 or less for the majority of the time, do you?

have been playing in rA for 3+ years and what you are referring as "like it used to be" is the time it was all classic like now (with no awp) way way before we add semiclip (you were around at the time, right?). 

Adding semiclip and antiflash was a failiure experiment to bring back the dropping population and it proved that there is no obvious correlation between 1.6 server population and such plugins (semiclip, anti teamflash, ct spawn anti camp etc. etc.).

And btw, I think the server is now more populated than 6 months ago though I don't claim it is because of removing semiclip. In fact, I claim there is no such a correlation based on many previous experiments.

One thing that I am confident about is making frequent changes to a server and leaving the server with no character is bad. I don't like to play on a server that I see different features and plugins every time I join.

And when you say "I don't like playing with 10 or less ...", who does? But I repeat myself, server had 0 population most of the time when we removed semiclip, seems like you don't remember it. So I refer you to the poll thread that Plato posted here and read the first post, maybe you remember what was going on at the time. Still don't remember? read the thread "Main 1 empty" on trial admin section that was created on May 9, 2016, 10 days before Plato created the poll to remove semiclip and make main 1 all classic again


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Corsi mentioned players in Server complain about being blocked. This is important, because these are players in the Server, actually playing, HOWEVER, they are not on forums to help with Poll's and Suggestions. That is where we have conflicts. We do the poll on Forum, but players in Server still complain, because they don't take time to come to the Forum and actually voice their opinion.

I agree with Arash, changing the server every couple of months is not good. Uhmm, obviously I want the players in Server to have fun and enjoy themselves, but someone will always agree/disagree with the way things are. Again I'm not saying we shouldn't resort back to Semi-Clip, but there is a strong reason why we did it.

As for population, in my personal experience, the best way, is to play the Server, this is the ONLY way to get players to join. Also having lots of Steam Friends helps, I've filled the Server just through Steam Invites and more people join the Server. This is the best way to populate the Server, with quality players. Boosting does absolutely nothing except for on Game Tracker Server Ranks. We gain 0 Forum Members, 0 Steam Users, and gain hackers in the process. Boosting is an absolute waste of money, except for those people who want to populate the Server and go play.

I know I'm not doing much as Server Manager, but I'm always here to help out and try to provide input. This is another reason why I am glad Arash is still a Server Manager as well, because he is still active in the Server and has seen RA over the years. This doesn't mean, that the active members now will not be heard, we just need reason to make the changes, and in terms of population I agree with Arash, there is 0 correlation between population and the plugins we have. Toothy has said it a long time, 1.6 died. Obviously not completely but it's clearly not what it was before. Other communities are busier, because they take time to either, boost the Server, or through Steam, Invite Players, or they all group and play together filling the Server with 10 or more of themselves of that Clan.

My thoughts @corsi  add more players to your Steam, that way you can invite them into the game and make a good match out of it. In terms of plugins, look at all the topics in the past lol It's always back and fourth.

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first time im seeing this other thread bout the plugins.


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