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Announcing the next big event...

Hi all. Sorry that I haven't been able to do this earlier, I've been incredibly busy but I will be finishing up school at the end of he month and want to get an event in to unwind before I start working hardcore.

So.... I will be hosting an event, Saturday, May 30th from about 3 PM EST (New York Time) to like 11 pm or whenever people get tired of me.

What will be happening? Well this guy will show you!

Yeah, we'll be playing the GAIMZ, in fact, they will be some CS 1.6, CSGO, and to end the night, some sort of Zombie game, L4D2 with whoever's left.

There will be some sort of rough time schedule as the night draws closer, but we will start with a 1.6 Scrim, followed by a few hours of casual gaming, and then we will move into CSGO, starting with a scrim there and moving on to casual gaming.

Oh... did I mention prizes? That's right kiddies, I've been growing my inventory for some time and I need to give away some shit, and I know you'll love it. Included prizes are skins, weapon cases, trading cards, GAIMZ, and other things.

There will be more posted and an official announcement detailing what will really go on, but the date and time have been set. Mark your calenders! Get hyped



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That would be fun, I will join if I get a desktop by then. I am still in moving process and I am not ready for any gaming (no desk, chair etc.) I just have my laptop to check the forum !

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hell ya. ill make sure i don't have to go into work that Saturday. Sounds like a lot of fun

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