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Weapon Binds For Counter-Strike 1.6

Tired of having to open the buy menu every time? Tired of having to look through the weapons or press numbers every time a round starts? Because of this, do you miss your rushing plans?

Well worry no further!

(god this sounds like a sham woohoo commercial already)

In this guide, we're going to learn one of the most basics but most used feature in Counter-Strike. Weapon binds!

Basically, you can bind one key on your keyboard to buy up to how many things you want.

For example: You can bind your F1 key to buy an AK47, Kevlar and Helmet, Deagle, Primary ammo, Secondary ammo, HE Grenade, Smoke Grenade and Flash Grenade. All in one press of a button!

Let's take this as an exercise.

I want to bind my F3 key to buy me an AK47, Kevlar, Primary ammo and a HE grenade.

So you open your console by hitting the "~" key which is located above the TAB button, under the escape button or beside the "1" key.

Then you type this in: bind F3 "ak47; primammo; vest; hegren" and press Enter which is located above your left shift, under your ] and besides your ' (gotta be descriptive)

Once you enter this, and go in-game and press F3, you'll automatically buy an AK, it's ammo, a vest and a HE Grenade! Simple as that!

Notice that you have to separate each weapon with a ; and a space after it.

There are specific names for each names and I'll provide a list of ones below. The names in the yellow color is what you enter for the weapon.

- Pistols:

"Glock G18 Select Fire" - glock

"HK USP .45 Tactical" - usp

"Sig P228" - p228

"Desert Eagle" - deagle

"FN Five-seveN" - fn57

"Dual Beretta 96G Elite" - elites

- Shotguns:

"Benelli M3 Super90" - m3

"Benelli XM1014" - xm1014

- Submachine Guns:

"Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol" - tmp

"Ingram MAC-10" - mac10

"HK MP5-Navy" - mp5

"HK UMP45" - ump45

"FN P90" - p90

- Assault Rifles:

"IMI Galil" - galil

"FA MAS" - famas

"AK-47" - ak47

"Colt M4A1 Carbine" - m4a1

"Sig SG 552 Commando" - sg552

"Steyr AUG" - aug

- Sniper Rifles:

"Steyr Scout" - scout

"Sig SG 550 Sniper" - sg550

"AI Arctic Warfare/Magnum" - awp

"HK G3/SG-1 Sniper Rifle" - g3sg1

- Machine Gun:

"FN M249 Para" - m249

- Ammunition:

"Primary Ammo" - primammo

"Secondary Ammo" - secammo

- Equipment:

"Kevlar Vest" - vest

"Kevlar Vest & Helmet" - vesthelm

"Flashbang" - flash

"HE Grenade" - hegren

"Smoke Grenade" - sgren

"Defuse Kit" - defuser

"NightVision Goggles" - nvgs

"Tactical Shield" - shield

Remember, you have to separate the weapons with a semi colon ;

Go ahead and make up your own combinations!

Here's a list of all the keyboard keys and their bind names! (taken from another source)

Space Bar - space

Caps Lock - capslock

Escape - escape

F1 - f1

F2 - f2

F3 - f3

F4 - f4

F5 - f5

F6 - f6

F7 - f7

F8 - f8

F9 - f9

F10 - f10

F11 - f11

F12 - f12

Pause - pause

Left Quote - `

Hyphen - -

Equals Sign - =

Backspace - backspace

Tab Key - tab

Left Bracket - ]

Right Bracket - [

Forward Slash - /

Semicolon - semicolon

Right Quote - '

Back Slash - \

Shift Key - shift

Enter - enter

Comma - ,

Control - ctrl

Alt - alt

One - 1

Two - 2

Three - 3

Four - 4

Five - 5

Six - 6

Seven - 7

Eight - 8

Nine - 9

Zero - 0

A - a

B - b

C - c

D - d

E - e

F - f

G - g

H - h

I - i

J - j

K - k

L - l

M - m

N - n

O - o

P - p

Q - q

R - r

S - s

T - t

U - u

V - v

W - w

X - x

Y - y

Z - z

Up Arrow - uparrow

Down Arrow - downarrow

Right Arrow - rightarrow

Left Arrow - leftarrow

Insert - ins

Home - home

Page Up - pgup

Page Down - pgdn

Delete - del

End - end

Mouse Button 1 - mouse1

Mouse Button 2 - mouse2

Mouse Button 3 - mouse3

Mouse Button 4 - mouse4

Mouse Button 5 - mouse5

Mouse Wheel Up - mwheelup

Mouse Wheel Down - mwheeldown


Sorry if this was already made. Thought I'd make an explained one!

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