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Of the two ways eliminates it.

6 minutes ago, Wrath said:

1. you can protect your sandbags by saying /dmgpb or say /pb and change damage own sandbags to "OFF".

You can not buy it a second time, Because you have it forever. 

6 minutes ago, Wrath said:

2. what?

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 They can also ''bug'' the skillmenu, Obtaining those skills without having the registered account. The more you kill it, the more damage it increases.

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This happens the same, with the mod of (Survivor vs Nemesis, Assasins vs. Sniper)

On 28/6/2017 at 0:34 PM, Nhuck said:

When the mod is started. the thunder bolt is ejected and falls to the ground. And if you throw your other weapon, the one you use in (survivor: the minigun weapon) and grab the thunderbolt. Instead of having the thunder skin. You have the normal awp skin. And when you shoot, shoot a lightning bolt. do you get me? or specify me poorly?

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@Wrath  @Wachi Can you add the "Thanatos- 9" To the zombie mod?

A Mode:

Image result for thanatos-9





B Mode 

Image result for thanatos-9


useful If surrounded by zombies 

Since its powerful Damage I think It will be for Members,VIP,UVIP,Donors etc or either UVIP And Donors.




Normal Damage Stab A Mode :100.0 DMG
Normal Damage Slashes B Mode: 500.0 DMG (Each Stab)


E.Bullets ON A Mode : 200.0 DMG

E.Bullets ON B Mode: 550.0 DMG (Each Stab)


Rage Mode Damage A Mode : 610.0 DMG

Rage Mode Damage B Mode : 700.0 DMG (Each Stab)


Rage Mode Damage A Mode (e.bullets)  730.0 DMG

Rage Mode Damage B Mode (e.bullets) 1,100.0 DMG  (Each Stab)                                                         If that doesn't make me crazy....


Here is  the link: 



Add Special 


Pro: Can Make players and new players get exp while running  around shooting this gun.

High Damage

Con: Slow reload 


Add Assault Rifle 




Add Automatics 

Cart Bule:



Devil scout ( I forgot name)


Reason: the fact that nobody even uses this weapon is just a waste. I now just because I'm high ranked doesn't mean you get to consider removing guns that do not suit you. But if you think about

it this weapon is unbearably useless. Even to new players to experience  this guns are a waste of time.  They just throw it back to he ground. Yes we have other guns like this but this gun, THIS gun isn't 

going to make them experience much they see it go for other weapon like in 3 seconds. I tested this gun out  almost 3 kills (because there were peeking).


Thank You and I will really appreciate If you put these in game!!!



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Added Wachi's name

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@Wrath There a serious problem with the start of play, It happens that sometimes the mod does not start.

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