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I feel bad..

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I feel bad that my awesome fans were not able to follow my recipe since the old stuff got deleted~

I'll do the honors of re-writing it!

​RIS`s Awesome Noodle Recipe~ Diarrhea guarenteed

Materials Required:

Ramen Noodles


Hot Sauce

Sweet Chill Sauce

Soya Sauce

BBQ Sauce

1000 Island Dressing



Ranch Sauce

Did I mention ketchup?

Chocolate Sauce

Procedure :-

Open the pack of Ramen Noodles, boil water and cook the noodles in it.

After the noodles have been cooked, pour ingredients as follows:


-Hot Sauce

-Ranch Sauce

-Chocolate Sauce

-Sweet Chilli Sauce

-Soya Sauce

-BBQ Sauce

-French Dressing

-Italian dressing

-1000 Island Dressing


Cut carrots into small slices and put them in too.

Pour into bowl and enjoy!

Again I'm sorry to all my loving fans who were not able to cook this awesome and miraculous recipe :( I was sad too!


- - - Updated - - -

lol :pride:

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