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Your Favorite Breakfast ? :P

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well mine's simple

2 eggs

2 bread (with butter)

4 saussage pork

little potatoes ( McCain )

and of course , BACON! :D

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Any white breakfast, I fucking love...








But the best breakfast experience I had was:

Scrambled eggs (I love scrambled eggs)

-Butter + 2-3 eggs + a bit of milk + salt + black pepper + dill

Roasted Potatos

-Diced potatos with skin still on em + boil lightly first + Oil them on pan + salt + pepper + a bit of sugar + rose mary + garlic + low heat on oven


-I dont fucking care how they're cooked

4~6oz steak cooked with onions and mushroom

-Marinated in salt + pepper + garlic + onion + basil + worcester sauce+ medium rare rare

Side with a bit of chili with garlic bread

-Can chili

-Bread + Butter + Garlic + Onion + Basil + Italian herbs + Toasted just below burning point.

Fucking no picture, but visualize that shit..... Best breakfast ever.

Apple juice as a side. Apple juice is the bomb in the morning. Makes ur fart smell like shit but u just ate chili, so who cares.

closest pictures I can find that matches my descriptions




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Yo..... yaroa looks amazing...... wonder if they have any in Toronto :(

are very good and have several layers of cheese and meat

accompanied by beer or soda

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ive never had any extravagent breakfast.

went to this place called "Friends" once with a few of my friends for breakfast. its one of those all day breakfasts. had what they call a weekender, 2 huge pancakes, scrambled eggs, potatoes, and sausges(which i cant eat so gave em to a buddy)

but i like my simple breakfast of 2 eggs sunny side up and 2 toast, with coffee or tea

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