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Haia's config

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LilAznKay    1

Original topic: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=7010


here's my userconfig. pretty useful for y'all.

u can change the keys tho

rate "25000"

ex_interp "0.01"

cl_cmdrate "101"

cl_updaterate "101"

cl_crosshair_color "50 250 50"

cl_crosshair_size "large"

fps_max "101"

cl_movespeedkey "0.52"

cl_pitchspeed "225"

cl_showevents "0"

cl_lc "1"

cl_lw "1"

cl_righthand "1"

con_color "0 140 255"

d_spriteskip "0"

gl_max_size "512"

gl_monolights "0"

gl_picmip "1"

s_show "0"

s_a3d "0"

gamma "3"

brightness "3"

hud_fastswitch "1"

max_shells "0"

max_smokepuffs "0"

bind "F1" "awp; buyammo1; vesthelm;vest"

bind "F2" "deagle; buyammo2; buyammo2;"

bind "F3" "vesthelm;vest"

bind "F4" "m4a1; ak47; buyammo1; buyammo1; vesthelm; vest"

bind "F5" "snapshot"

bind "F8" "galil;famas buyammo1; buyammo1; buyammo1; vesthelm;vest"

bind "F9" "sgren"

bind "F10" "flash"

bind "F11" "hegren"

bind "KP_PLUS" "defuser"

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Hatch    47

umm that mouse4 binding is a bunny hop script if im not mistaken and its illegal to have it

also the ip bindings are old and wrong ip's for DM(we dont have that serv anymore) and no fun server and pug ip is diff too and vent ip too.

why was this stickied?

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LilAznKay    1

mouse4 bind removed

Haia used to promote RA servers a lot, so yeah ips are out of date (removed)

Stickied because some binds/settings not included in Dan's, unless you want to merge them into one.

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