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  1. Here you can post your suggestions. If you find any bug in a map or mode, tell us which one is and what exactly is the bug. If you are going to suggest a map, post the full name of the map, and if you are going to suggest a mode, special gun or knife, post the full name and give us a short resume of what it is. New maps added: Maps available to play:
  2. This thread is specifically for those players who breaks the basic rules in Zombie Plague. Format to report: Reported player: Cause: Description: Evidence: It will be only applied if they break any of the rules mentioned here. For players who use any kind of cheats, please report it here.
  3. Rules Want to know about the rules in game? Click here. Guide/Walkthrough If you are looking for a quick guide for the game mode, click here. Binds and Commands Do you want to know all the commands available for the game? Click here. ~rZ. Clan Information Want to be part of our Clan? Click here. Map Suggestions and Reports Do you have a suggestions for our server? A favorite map? found a bug on a map, gun or mode? Feel free to ask and let us know here. Lost Progress Did you lost all your money, experience points or VIP access/rZ Membership? Click here.
  4. Rules.

    English: Español:
  5. Welcome to the Zombie server guide! This guide will teach you everything you need to know to become a pro at causing major havoc in the Zombie server. CONTENTS -OBJECTIVE OF THE DIFFERENT GAME MODES -SETTING UP FORUMKEY AND SOME COMMANDS -BASIC GAMEPLAY -NAVIGATING THE MENU [LINK TO COMPLETE WEAPON GUIDE INCLUDED] -UNLOCKING NEW MATERIAL -ADVANCED COMMANDS -EXTRA TIPS AND TRICKS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE OF THE GAME INFECTION MODE Well,the zombie mod isn't the same as your normal counter strike match.At the start of the game you will probably see something like this however,teams aren't divided into counter terrorists and terrorists.Instead,they are divided into zombies and humans.At the start of a normal game,you will be able to observe that all players are humans.However,after a few moments one of the players will randomly be infected as the first zombie Now,if you are not the one infected,then your task is simple-kill all the zombies before the time runs out and avoid getting infected. If you are the one infected,you have to infect all the humans before the time runs out. If both,humans and zombies are alive when time runs out,the match is a draw. (NOTE:multiple players can also be infected randomly) PLAGUE MODE In the plague mode,there could be a zombie assassin Or also a survivor You may notice a bar above them,which of course,indicates their health.These players have much greater health and offense,so they are difficult to kill.The other players could be zombies or humans.Zombies try to kill humans and survivors,humans try to kill nemesis' and zombies. ARMAGEDDON AND APOCALYPSE MODES These modes are similar to the plague mode. In the Armageddon mode, you have only survivors versus nemesis. Whereas, in the apocalypse mode,you only have snipers and Assassins going up against each other. SWARM MODE A swarm mode is a bit like the opposite of the infection mode. You are either a zombie or a human so, simple zombies versus humans, but in this mode if you get killed you stay dead. So, try not to get killed! -The objective of course, is to survive and kill all the opposition. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At first,all the different modes and controls may seem complicated. After all, your CS did download a tone of plugins and models while connecting to the server.HOWEVER,you just need to keep playing for a little while and you will definitely get used to the different modes.Also, we have many regulars and admins who are often in-game and willing to help out, so don't hesitate to ask players for a little help if you need it! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETTING UP FORUMKEY Well,this part is pretty important.Without the forumkey,you can still play but,you will be at a distinct disadvantage as compared to the rest of the players. In here,you can save up experience points(exp for short) and can use them to unlock new items.Setting up the forumkey helps enable your own bank system,which will help save up your exp. You can use your your exp to unlock a tonne of different things and thus blow up zombies even harder! Once you collect 614400 experience points,you can also apply for VIP or the ~rZ clan,thus unlocking even more cool stuff! Enabling the forumkey is pretty simple,simply go to the 'forumkey' button at the top of the page. Once you click on it,it will give you a code as shown below.Simply copy it,and open up your CS again. once you open your CS,just copy the forumkey into your console and connect to the zombie server. Now,type '/bal' in the teamchat.If you get a message like the one below,it's working! If this doesn't work,paste the code into your console again and reconnect to the zombie server. You can also view the instructions for setting up your forumkey while in the Zombie server by typing "/forumkey' in the teamchat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BASIC GAMEPLAY Well,there really isn't too much to explain here.If you connect while a normal game is underway,just hold down 'R' for 2 seconds or type /respawn to start playing.If a new game has just started,wait a few seconds for the game mode to be decided and the gory action starts. Operating a zombie is dead simple.There are different classes of Zombies,each with a special ability,so depending on which class you are you will have some special abilities.(different zombie and human classes will be explained later)You can either left click to perform small light attacks or right click to perform heavier and slower ones.kinda like using a knife. For a human,you have various classes too.The average human,being more intelligent than a zombie,can use many fancy gadgets and weapons.(you can find a complete inventory later) Since your choices of offense are a lot more now,you get to blow stuff up like it's the 4th of july.It's better not to get too close to a zombie as you can get killed,So, take advantage of their short range attacks and stay well out of reach.Also,the same logical principles as the normal CS1.6 work here.(leg shots score lesser damage than headshots,falling from large heights can reduce your health,you can climb ladders without using your hands,you seem to be holding the camera in your mouth,etc) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NAVIGATING THE MENU FOR HUMANS The first menu you see when you enter the game is the one occupying the top left side of your screen.(remember,if you don’t like its color,change it using ‘/hudcolor’) Class:tells you what type of zombie/human you are.For example-Hunter,Licker etc. Health:Tells you if you need to upgrade your health insurance any time soon. Armour:Gives you the percentage of armor you have left of course. Stamina:Tells you how much stamina you have left.While this may not be very important for humans,this indicator is pretty important for zombies as it you need to have enough stamina to pull some things off like,crouch jumping in tunnels.(This will be explained in the tips section in the end) Money in pocket:indicates the amount of money you can spend right now. EXP:the experience points you have. Rank:well,as you keep playing,your rank increases,and people can see what rank you are when they point their crosshair at you.The higher the rank,the more items you unlock.