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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, since we have a new login system in our servers, I'm sure there are some of you who lost their EXP,bank,vip access..etc Please post in this topic if you lost your progress so I can deal with it later when I get the time, instead of spamming it on profiles and chat. ps: please provide your current keyID say /account and choose account info. post here the ID say /account and post your keyid which is shown on the menu. example Keyid: 123 thank you.
  2. Rules Want to know about the rules in game? Click here. Guide/Walkthrough If you are looking for a quick guide for the game mode, click here. Binds and Commands Do you want to know all the commands available for the game? Click here. ~rZ. Clan Information Want to be part of our Clan? Click here. Map Suggestions and Reports Do you have a suggestions for our server? A favorite map? found a bug on a map, gun or mode? Feel free to ask and let us know here. Lost Progress Did you lost all your money, experience points or VIP access/rZ Membership? Click here.