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Found 3 results

  1. Introduction - MrKawaiiKun

    Username: MrKawaiiKun Steam Community: Real Name: Michael W. Age: 17 Interests: Gaming (Counter-Strike, osu!, Minecraft, League of Legends, Need for Speed), Programming (C#, PAWN, Python, PHP, HTML) Favorite Servers: Knife (currently rank 3), Deathmatch, Gungame What brings me to Renegade? I had a recent encounter with your CS 1.6 Developer @Wrath in-game. Upon seeing his role in the community, I decided to introduce myself and talk development. We exchanged some ideas about programming and hit off a nice conversation. I was invited to the forums and I decided I'd see what the community is like. Whenever I am able to open up the free time to engage in an online community, I may see myself applying for a position in the 1.6 servers. All in all, I'm a pretty smart guy that just likes to play his games and code a little bit. I'll see everyone around the servers a bit more often coming in about a month or two. P.S. If anyone passes my knife rank while I'm inactive... I will eat you!
  2. Hi Everyone:D

    Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself.On the forums and cs1.6 RZ servers you may know me as AceTheJokerr.My real name is Aries and i'm an honors student at the high school i'm attending and this means i'm really focused on school(and basketball) so once in awhile I wont be on the servers(sad,i know).I'm 14 and in 9th grade,I joined renegade about 2 years ago and started playing on the zombie server for awhile but from what I can remember the forum key wasn't working for me so I stopped playing:(.But now i'm back!Good morning/night/day and i look forward to playing with all of you:).
  3. great to finally be here!

    Wazzup everyone?Many of you guys may already know me as i have been pretty active on the main1 & 2 cs1.6 servers for the last year or so. So i was sitting here on the toilet and decided to sign up after 9gag got kinda boring.... About me- i used to play professional soccer until last year when i quit to focus on my studies(still play cs tho:glee:),i will be studying computer or electrical engineering at a university from next year im still not sure which.I love music and literature as well. Anyways i gotta flush,but i look forward to my stay here and getting to know all you cool guys.Brofist from India! (unless ur a girl in which case id prefer not to be familyzoned )

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Renegade Army was established back in January 2011 and started off as a Counter Strike 1.6 community. The community has been expanding since then and has evolved from being a community solely focused on Counter Strike 1.6 to now being a Counter Strike: Global Offensive community as well.
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