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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, Just want to share some resources with the community, for anyone who's interested. They're all optional, so feel free to try them out. But these things definitely effect me everyday and make my life much easier. 1. Have AT LEAST 2 email addresses. Believe me, this is absolutely amazing. I have a professional email address which I use for work, dealing with clients and whatnot. I have my personal email address, which I use for my daily signing up on communities etc. And then I have my 3rd email address which has absolute 0 connection to me. Has fake name, fake EVERYTHING. This is what I use to sign up or give away to sign up on things. Yes, I occasionally check and clean up the mails so if some random contest I signed up won, I know about it. Do not use 1 email address for all, you'll have HUNDREDS of unread email and you will never be able to organize them. 2. Install both Firefox and Chrome: Managing your accounts at its best. I don't care if you're a fan of one and hate the other, one day your little crappy browser will not load certain thing and guess what? When tried on another browser, it magically works. Not to mention its always nice to have multiple accounts (email address or youtube or just whatever), and instead of having to swap logging in and out, you can just have both logged. Main on your main browser, and secondary account on your secondary browser. Easy 3. Fastest and easiest way to share a screenshot? Install Puush (Which is now called ShareX). (@Lasse, I'm looking at you) COUNTLESS times, I see people wanting to share screenshot or show something on their monitor, so they go through these steps: 1. Take a screenshot 2. Crop out the part you want to show 3. Save the file 4. Upload the file to some image sharing website 5. Copy the link 6. Share the link Well guess what? With this, you LITERALLY press hotkey, drag and select whatever you want and it will AUTOMATICALLY take a screenshot, COPY the image to your clipboard, GENERATE a link for you, COPY the link for you, so you can share it INSTANTLY. Its literally 1 step that does it all for you. It requires you to sign up just so you have history of your screenshots (private and not shared). 4. WinRAR. Its free. Its made by God. This fucker's been free since most of you were even born. Its the most common compressing/extracting software that deals with just about EVERY file. It has advanced tricks to breaking down and compressing them into multiple parts as well. You will come across a time where .rar file finds your door way. And then guess what? You'll eventually have to get it anyways. 5. Adblocker plugin for your browser. This works for both FF and Chrome. They're free, and easy to install. 0 sign up. Google "Adblocker for firefox" or "Adblocker for chrome" and literally is the first link. What is it? Literally what it says. Blocks ad. YouTube video with 15~30 seconds ads? Fuck that shit, you're free. Fly you fools. 6. Is your life mostly on computer? Get a secondary harddrive. Back EVERYTHING up. The LAST THING you want is your entire collection of whatever you've been hording just being WIPED away because your harddrive decided to be emo and cut itself. I still have files from 2002 and probably even further back into the past. They're like photo albums, insanely great memories. I've shared these images to my friends, and even for myself its wonderful to just look back and see the collections of screenshots you took. Things like your ranking, your achievements, your little minecraft building... You spent HOURS on these. Take a picture and keep them. Why not? Your music, your documents, your projects, everything will someday become handy. 7. NEVER buy ANY software when you have the INTERNET. Seriously, never ever. You can ALWAYS almost ALWAYS find either alternate (which most-likely will be better) software, or find a free version (or pirate) somewhere. 8. How to avoid getting virus on your computer, the EASIEST way: Just dont click on random links you dont know. You dont need fancy firewall or anti virus program or some sort of scanner that will slow your computer down and kill it slowly. If you're gonna watch porn (lets be adult about it, we all do this), find a trustful site, stick to it. If your site has popups, be cautious and close that shit asap before it auto does everything for you and you freak out, while the virus installs itself onto your computer. 99% of the time, you get virus simply because you click on it. Whether if its a fake download button or not. If you dont know, you can always right click, copy the link and paste to address and see if its sketchy. How do I know this? Whenever I install windows, I update it once in the beginning, and NEVER EVER update again, nor install any anti virus. NEVER got virus other then the times I clicked the wrong link myself. 9. These hotkeys will save your life, save you shit ton of effort which you use everyday: - Windows key + D (Windows key is the one that brings up the menu) = This will take your desktop straight to your desktop background. Dont panic, press it again and it'll place EVERYTHING the way it was. - On browser: ALT + D = Simply selects the address bar for you. That TINY effort of you taking your hands off keyboard, reach for mouse, DRAG that little fucker to the address back, and place back your hands to keyboard... GOSH. What a time we live in, 2 buttons and you can have that shit down in NO time. - On browser: CTRL + W = Best way to close a tab (good for #8 virus, when you have those popups flying at you) - On browser: CTRL + T = Swear to god, if you dont know this you should probably slap yourself, please. Opens new tab. - MOST IMPORTANTLY, the thing you need most and some of you may know but for those that doesnt on browser: CTRL + SHIFT + T = You ACCIDENTALLY closed a tab and you dont know which one it was? Press CTRL + SHIFT + T and it will reopen the most recently closed tab. Spam it and it will reopen every tabs you've closed in order you closed. Long read but pick and choose which one you want to keep. These things effect my life daily and as small as it sounds, its something you do at least 10 times a day. Imagine in 1 year.