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  1. Promotion time

    Congratulations guys!

    I think Valve is still going to add this plugin to their declining knife sales. I for one would love having a knife (too poor, or too cheap to buy one), but if this plugin was active, I'd have another reason to not buy one.
  3. surf rpg dm

    I never had much of a fancy for death match surf servers. It's most likely because I could never figure out how to aim and shoot while surfing. It can be fun, but with a surplus of people playing, it can be a bit annoying.
  4. Birthday Wishes !!

    Happy birthday!
  5. Any Podcast fans?

    Huntington Beach! We're basically half an hour away from one another, haha. What a small world!
  6. Any Podcast fans?

    Orange County!? I'm in Orange County! Anyway, I've recently started getting into Podcasts because of my girlfriend and family listening to them on road trips. I just finished Serial from This American Life. It's 12 episodes, and it's about a trial that happened a decade ago, where a high school kid strangled his ex-girlfriend, and all they had were circumstantial evidence, yet, he was still prosecuted.
  7. Return of Gotchu

    Welcome back! I'm new, but hopefully I'll see you around!