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  1. legit af.
  2. Thank you! @Plato =]]
  3. Why is there a cross next to my name. No mi gusta
  4. same ol krumZ
  5. So most of you know I had my son two months ago. He's been such a blast to take care of and experience for the past two months, but he's not the main reason I've been inactive. On 12/25 at 5:30 am we had our ceiling cave in at our apartment. The rain caused a slow leak a few weeks prior to 12/25, but it grew and grew and boom. We're all okay but our apartment is unlivable for now so our property managers put us up in a nice hotel untill a new apartment becomes available on the 12th of January. So just another week or so till were back in an apartment and I'm back on main1 murking bots like a pro. I miss everyone, especially @Lasse, even though he/she could care less. P.s the red circles are just there for our property managers. We were trying to show them that the area that fell in was previous patched before. Those red circles indicate a tape joint where the patch ended.
  6. Lets do ittttttttt
  7. yo how u put the music on ur profile i need to put a anime song on mine u know how it is

    1. SixSixSix


      LOL top right > Profile Song drop down menu 


    2. Orange_Jesus
  8. what song is this yo

    1. Cobra


      Big Sean-Bounce back 

    2. SixSixSix


      dope. skrrt skrrtt

    3. Cobra


       i got few dope songs wanna listen ?

  9. The forum is looking awesome with the new themes. Thanks for the hard work everyone. Thanks Lasse!
  10. Ayy Happy Birthday Six! Wish you and your family all the best. Satan bless you!

    1. SixSixSix


      Thanks a bunch brotha! Much appreciated =] Praise Satan!

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