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  1. <3

  2. hey man hope alls going well with your child wish you the best of times, we should chat when your more free its been awhile

  3. 8 months into fatherhood

    Wow thanks for all the love guys. And so many new faces (names) it feels like I'm the new guy around here now. @FriedPotato: Thank you! @RIS`: Yeah man, time fliessssssssss. Being a father is superrrr dope. It's not as bad or hard as people make it seem tbh. It's like anything else, loving what you do takes the "work" aspect out of it. @Nour Sahle: Nice to meet you too! His name is Ruby =] @Ali: bangbang @Ozys: Thank you thank you!LOL what pic ? @Gotchu: Haha thanks man. Honestly this kid usually only wakes up once around 1am (ish) and even then the girlfriend wakes up and breast feeds him back to sleep pretty quickly. It's a pretty sweet deal not having to breast feed lol. @Arash: Thank you! @iSUCK cs1.6: Much appreciated! @AnnaLee: Thank you! I appreciate that greatly, and it's people like you that make this community so great. @Alcayde: Firstly, you'll always be Akame to me =]. I miss you lots but it's nice seeing you on the snapchats =] Many thanks ! @finesse .: It's weird to think and to say thiis, but if there was anyone in this community I would have considered a "best friend' it would prob be you. I remember adding you on steam because you were an insanely good surfer, and I figured befriending you would make me a better surfer in due time, and boy was I wrong lmao. Just a couple more years and you can rek me and my son! How fun. @Cobra: lolol of course I remember the MXE surf days. Oddly enough I loved that server almost as much as RA servers lol. You're probably right, my surf skills are probs literal trash now. @Nhuck: Thank you mucho, your kind words are greatly appreciated. @Plato: lol yup, Ryan Rodriguez to be exact. Trippy or what? Especially since I look more like an Abdul or something right? lol. Many thanks and I hope to see you around sometime. @BLaCK-D3V!L: thank you thank you =]] @Motasem Sahle: Nice to meet you as well! And yeah, it's Ryan lol. @theprodigy12: awesome signature man! and thank you! I agree Once again thank you for the love everyone. You guys make this community an awesome place.
  4. 8 months into fatherhood

    Hey everyone. For those who don't know me, my name is Ryan but most people call me Six. It's been quite a few months since I stepped away from my admin duties and just about as long since I stopped playing CS altogether. As long as I've been gone my homepage has always been renegade.army, but tonight feels like the first time I've really gone through the forum and man oh man the nostalgia is in full effect right now. I stepped away because, as the title suggests, I had a kid! My son is 8 months old now and just the most perfect baby I could have ever asked for. I just wanted to stop in and say hey to all the new(er) people, the old members, and anyone else roaming the forums. I miss every single one of you whom I've ever spoken with and played with, especially @finesse . I was tripping out right now thinking about how almost 2 years ago we were surfing the 1.6 server, way before I ever even wanted to join rS. This community is seriously a gem in the CS community and I appreciate everything the staff does and has done over the years to keep this a float. Yes, that even means you @Lasse. Anyhoo, here's a semi recent picture of my girlfriend and son.
  5. Bored. Anything goes V.3

    bang bang
  6. dope song! miss ya man.

    1. SixSixSix
    2. Alcayde


      I love this song <3 And I miss you too, Six! Great baby pictures btw, he's a cutie :P

  7. [Update #6] Merge of clans

    legit af.
  8. Staff Update #5

    Thank you! @Plato =]]
  9. Live or die - Global Admin edition.

    Why is there a cross next to my name. No mi gusta
  10. Why I've been even more inactive

    So most of you know I had my son two months ago. He's been such a blast to take care of and experience for the past two months, but he's not the main reason I've been inactive. On 12/25 at 5:30 am we had our ceiling cave in at our apartment. The rain caused a slow leak a few weeks prior to 12/25, but it grew and grew and boom. We're all okay but our apartment is unlivable for now so our property managers put us up in a nice hotel untill a new apartment becomes available on the 12th of January. So just another week or so till were back in an apartment and I'm back on main1 murking bots like a pro. I miss everyone, especially @Lasse, even though he/she could care less. P.s the red circles are just there for our property managers. We were trying to show them that the area that fell in was previous patched before. Those red circles indicate a tape joint where the patch ended.
  11. Humiliation Knife Sound

    Lets do ittttttttt