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  1. Machi$mo app [Denied]

    I ll try som other time
  2. Machi$mo app [Denied]

    But the only reason I reduced my activity that is due to change in plugin so I mean pls understand. always starting with 1000 trying to get steam then I would be more active.
  3. Machi$mo app [Denied]

    sry arash but mostly whenever im online no member is online so how am i suppose to show my activity
  4. Machi$mo app [Denied]

    I promise i ll be more active - - - Updated - - - [MENTION=5970]tr1p[/MENTION] pls write when ur online in my thread-------your cs time
  5. Machi$mo app [Denied]

    Ya I agree I always switch servers main1 dm or gg
  6. Machi$mo app [Denied]

    - What is your in-game name?---------Machi$mo. - How old are you?-----------17 - Which Renegade Army's server do you play at most?--------------main1 n deathmatch n gg alittle bit nowadays - Where do you live? State(Country, (Province, Territory) City)--------------India,maharashtra,mumbai - How can we contact you? (STEAM ID) (No steam id? Email: gmail etc)---------- - Experience in Counter-Strike ( Leagues, etc. )------------------- no leagues .ya but i play in cs pubs n gamehubs with friends - Do you have experience in scrims? ------------- no - Do you have a microphone and headset?------------yep - How much time per week do you spend on Counter-Strike 1.6?-------------8-10 hrs - Are you still active in another community/clan? (if yes what community/clan are you still in? and how do you plan on staying active in this clan? )----------- no, this is the first n only clan i registered n i dont think i would apply for any other clan.THIS IS THE ONLY ONE N BEST
  7. Write a word with the last letter above the word

    I am doomed Annihilation
  8. Write a word with the last letter above the word

    OMG fail lol Renegade
  9. Write a word with the last letter above the word

    well tetrix think i was late ENIGMA
  10. Urdu/Hindi

    N yes whiteout db is don bosco
  11. Urdu/Hindi

    Lol [MENTION=3]Hatch[/MENTION] hum log whatsapp pe plan bana re hai ki theatre me jake insidious dekhenge

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