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    • What is your in-game name? kRumZiE
    • What is your real life name? (If you don't want to share it, its no problem at all) Cody
    • How old are you? 15
    • Where do you live? Ontario, Canada
    • What is your Steam ID? STEAM_0:0:161135716
    • Do you have a microphone & headset? Yes
    • How much time per week do you spend in our surf server? 15-20 but football has been starting up the past few weeks so my hours have been down a little bit
    • What is your rank in the server? (NEW, SCRUB, TRAINEE, etc.) Epic
    • How many maps have you completed? 40/41
    • What is your ping in the server? 20-50
    • Are you active in another community/clan? No
    • Why should we accept you to the clan? You should accept me into the clan because I have been a part of this community for a long time and I think I deserve a chance in this clan as I am a decently good surfer now <3
    • Any additional information you would like to share? I haven't got in trouble in a while.

  1. Hey, I'm sure all of you by now have heard about my overwatch & VAC ban on my main account.. Well today I had just got semipro on the server after grinding it out for 2 days & I went to go play comp as I just got rank 3 as well..so I played my 2 matches that I could.. went to play some surf for a couple hours and randomly get kicked. Turns out I am now overwatch banned on my brand new account.. I was wondering if I would in anyway be able to get my semipro from the account that just got overwatch banned when I go out and buy a new account for the second time in 4 days.. I know the first time I was being a complete dumbass and hacking but as soon as that account got banned I said f*** this and deleted everything to do with hacks & I am now really pissed off because I just bought this account a couple days ago and I wasn't even hacking this time..