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  1. #Krumzie4Admin2k15
  2. @Liquidbullets Chill tf out guy i did it like once jesus christ.. admins need to chilllllllllllllllllll
  3. @Jaxiki chill fam havent messaged you that in time my dood
  4. Lasse it is very true Can I get my cool looking name <3
  5. Can I get a cool ass looking name like you guys <3
  6. they just dont work simple as that...
  7. Fix the gosh darn servers you tard monkeys
  8. im just amazing arent i six?
  10. Fam I definitely should be on this team.. like we all know that I am the greatest player in this game!
  12. Sad

    Why have all the CS:GO Servers been so dead in the past month </3 There is almost nobody to talk to on there anymore
  13. What is your in-game name? kRumZiE What is your real life name? (If you don't want to share it, its no problem at all) Cody How old are you? 15 Where do you live? Ontario, Canada What is your Steam ID? STEAM_0:0:161135716 Do you have a microphone & headset? Yes How much time per week do you spend in our surf server? 15-20 but football has been starting up the past few weeks so my hours have been down a little bit What is your rank in the server? (NEW, SCRUB, TRAINEE, etc.) Epic How many maps have you completed? 40/41 What is your ping in the server? 20-50 Are you active in another community/clan? No Why should we accept you to the clan? You should accept me into the clan because I have been a part of this community for a long time and I think I deserve a chance in this clan as I am a decently good surfer now <3 Any additional information you would like to share? I haven't got in trouble in a while.
  14. Yeah... And like I think I would be a really good addition to that clan being that I am probably the BEST surfer to ever be on this earth <3
  15. Congrats your russian bitch <3<3<3<3

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