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  1. wanna be in RA clan

    ah ben tabarnac un autre quebecois parmi nous bienvenu au clan!!
  2. aim ak_colt, awp_india
  3. that would be badass
  4. i agree with gotchu no doublejump please lol
  5. as long as you keep snow and iceworld lol i waited a long time for those LOL
  6. it does require alot of your pc still when you are running firefox with addons but its the price to pay i guess i used to play a game online and would run firefox with bots to autotrain troops autofarm for food and items etc...
  7. i actually find firefx quite handy for running addons with greasemonkey idk maybe im just oldschool like that lol
  8. Deathmatch Maps

    seems like there is an issue adding these 2 maps to the deathmatch server bro. i am NOT pointing fingers im just itching to play lol
  9. Deathmatch Maps

    @Lasse like i mean its been almost a month lol
  10. [Update #8]

    good job guys and thanks for all the hard work
  11. Deathmatch Maps

    ty i will look into the map tonight sorry ive been busy this past week i think 4 bots on each team are ok on the fy maps
  12. Suggestions

    yea i just realized i was supposed to choose one im a dumbass sometimes like that LOL
  13. Suggestions

    @FriedPotato isnt the point of a classic server to have classic maps i vote for assault
  14. SEIF AMR

    but then it still wouldnt even be in the right section geez guys come on lol
  15. Deathmatch Maps

    no its not urgent @Wrath at all i was just wondering if they had access to add the maps thanks alot!!

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