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  1. Suggestions

    yea i just realized i was supposed to choose one im a dumbass sometimes like that LOL
  2. Suggestions

    @FriedPotato isnt the point of a classic server to have classic maps i vote for assault

    but then it still wouldnt even be in the right section geez guys come on lol
  4. Deathmatch Maps

    no its not urgent @Wrath at all i was just wondering if they had access to add the maps thanks alot!!
  5. Deathmatch Maps

    @Lasse can we have some input here how do they get access to the server to add the maps? dont want to be pushy or anything just following up
  6. Staff Update #9

    congrats everyone
  7. rAp bAttle

    nah have fun like i said you ruined the game for me MaG out
  8. rAp bAttle

    yup that confirms it youre butthurt im unfollowing this since you obvioulsy cant hagve a bit of fun. btw i have numerous friends who are real rappers and they never cried when i burnt them
  9. rAp bAttle

    is someone getting insulted over a little bit of fun?
  10. rAp bAttle

    JAJAJA this is fun LOL
  11. rAp bAttle

    you say youre getting started your beats sounds like someone farted i think youre done cuz ive allready won you may try to drop a bomb but im too busy with your mom come see me when you get some skills just liike CS, im in it for the kills
  12. rAp bAttle

    hahahahah some of us got skillz but dont have the voice to go with it LOl (Me)
  13. rAp bAttle

    youre shit doesnt rhyme ill smoke you in my spare time you think you can drop a beat but you just cant handle the heat you pretend to be a rapper but i can beat you from on the crapper!! ***MIC DROP*** Sorry i had to battle LOL
  14. Geez dude i was chesking out your linked steam account and you have way too many games O.o

    1. San_Cvander


      yeah, I was too not expecting that his level is 51 really!!!! plato is too much pro than expected :) this guy is king!!!!

    2. Plato


      Lmao, My first intention, was to buy only 90% Sale games, and sell my Steam Account, only to realize you can't sell Steam Accounts. You should check out mp3.5 and Death Toad or others, 2000-4000 games lol Too much Gabe support right?

  15. Nice gills. :hurr:

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