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  1. good luck bro
  2. -2 plato Arash (13) Klaathax (18) Plato (16) Wachi (17)
  3. -2 Damage to Arash Arash (14) Klaathax (18) Plato (19) Wachi (19) Edit by Plato: Magnum you f*ct up. Check Shaolins (and Ozys, Plato 19) post he healed me. You would have ruined the whole game. GAH!> Wow and for Wachis, you copied from an old post then and missed Shaolins and Ozys and whoever. Keep an eye Mate!
  4. -2 Damage to Plato Arash (16) Klaathax (18) Plato (17) Wachi (17)
  5. -1 damage to Arash -1 damage to plato 1. Arash (17) 2. Klaathax (20) 3. Plato (19) 4. Wachi (18)
  6. -2 Damage to Plato Arash (18) Klaathax (20) Plato (18) Wachi (18)
  7. -2 damage to Plato 1. Arash (18) 2. Klaathax (20) 3. Plato (18) 4. Wachi (20)
  8. welcome back to the community
  9. welcome mate. i have allready had the pleasure of meeting you in the main server and was fun. look forward to playing with you again
  10. its ok now guys i had to restart my comp for some reason. i also wasnt showing when i typed status maybe a steam glitch or something thanks
  11. many people have been complaining today the chat in server is bugged. this also just happened to myself i tried restarting steam and cs a few times still the same i believe issue is with the server
  12. LOL you allready know plato and i are friends
  13. thank-you very much for thee consideration
  14. is that for all servers or just zombies?

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