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  1. hoiy hows it going

    What up
  2. Renegade Army Zombie: Lottery Game!

    14 35 55 75 95 gl hf
  3. Hello Renegades

    Suhp?Welcome to rA!
  4. B'day^

    Happy bday man!Have a great one! *Hands out redbull vodkas*
  5. 2016 Champions League

    Umm, technically this isn't the champions league haha. Um,I'd like to see a bit more from Germany
  6. Colours and Awareness!

    You still didn't tell us what the Huntington's disease is though I mean, ik what it is but still, for those who don't
  7. Main 1 Classic Poll

    I've like....been pushing for the awp and semi-clip enabled forever....However,I wouldn't want map rotation. - - - Updated - - - +Fancy spray +maybeeee reserved slot(long shot ik)
  8. In need of serious assistance!

    The ideas are clearly getting wilder

    You look as if that dude in 'Independence Day ' gave up on saving the world with Will Smith and decided to smoke pot instead. No offence tho,nice pic nice pic
  10. Serious Sam 2 Giveaway!

  11. Dead Space 2 and Dragon Age: Origins for Steam

    Are you from McDonalds...Cause I am lovin' you. Hey do you work at Google?...Because you have everything I am searching for. Hey I work at Microsoft... Can I come crash at your place tonight? You work at Apple Maps right?....Cause everytime I look into your eyes,I get lost. Hey I work for Canon...and I can totally picture us together.
  12. Dark Souls giveaway for the XBOX ONE.

    I just realized something jax.If you pick a random number from 1-100,it isn't fair for everyone,because some numbers stand a much better chance than others.Let me try to explain. For example,the numbers we now have so far in this thread are 15. 19. 36. 47. 71. 47. As things stand,the only way Error(19) will win,is if you pick a number from 18-27.Whereas since Ozys chose 71,he has a much bigger margin from 59-100.So,only enter the numbers which have been chosen,otherwise someone could wait till the last minute,analyse the other entries,and get an advantage. Also,you may just pick a number right between two entries and that'd just be annoying. Btw,it's dark souls, I'm totally entering this one. 13.
  13. Mr. Robot

    Platoh I tried watching the first episode of the magicians and I actually fell asleep...it is ofc possible that I was just sleepy
  14. Mr. Robot

    Iv'e seen it and it's fucking AMAZING!Hands down the best short series I've ever seen.There will be moments that will have you on the edge of your seat,some will get you all sad, and others will make you go wtf?!Incredibly paced,full of turns,backed with outstanding acting from everyone.It's the kind of show where if you watch the first episode,you need to binge watch the rest..Not repetitive at all.Desperately waiting for season 2. I'll say this though,the end will drive you up the wall.
  15. Math Problem.Good Luck

    Aha platoh hard luck.Here's another similar one! Eight married couples meet to lend one another some books. Couples have the same surname, employment and car. Each couple has a favorite color. Furthermore we know the following facts: Daniella Black and her husband work as Shop-Assistants. The book "The Seadog" was brought by a couple who drive a Fiat and love the color red. Owen and his wife Victoria like the color brown. Stan Horricks and his wife Hannah like the color white. Jenny Smith and her husband work as Warehouse Managers and they drive a Wartburg. Monica and her husband Alexander borrowed the book "Grandfather Joseph". Mathew and his wife like the color pink and brought the book "Mulatka Gabriela". Irene and her husband Oto work as Accountants. The book "We Were Five" was borrowed by a couple driving a Trabant. The Cermaks are both Ticket-Collectors who brought the book "Shed Stoat". Mr and Mrs Kuril are both Doctors who borrowed the book "Slovacko Judge". Paul and his wife like the color green. Veronica Dvorak and her husband like the color blue. Rick and his wife brought the book "Slovacko Judge" and they drive a Ziguli. One couple brought the book "Dame Commissar" and borrowed the book "Mulatka Gabriela". The couple who drive a Dacia, love the color violet. The couple who work as Teachers borrowed the book "Dame Commissar". The couple who work as Agriculturalists drive a Moskvic. Pamela and her husband drive a Renault and brought the book "Grandfather Joseph". Pamela and her husband borrowed the book that Mr and Mrs Zajac brought. Robert and his wife like the color yellow and borrowed the book "The Modern Comedy". Mr and Mrs Swain work as Shoppers. "The Modern Comedy" was brought by a couple driving a Skoda. Is it a problem to find out everything about everyone from this information? This one was published in 1986.It's a bit harder I think