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  1. Requesting your opinions

    Great survey thanks for taking the community's thoughts!
  2. Change the Letter

  3. Change the Letter

  4. Fuck,Marry, and Kill

    Alright yall know how to play fuck marry kill. ex. fuck = Selena Gomez marry = Michael Jackson kill = Rebecca Black heres your 3 people Hatch K3vin Toothy Have fun, Twiz - - - Updated - - - Fuck = Toothy Marry = Hatch Kill = K3vin
  5. Last person to post wins

    Ok i win now
  6. Yuck or Yum

    Yum Crab legs
  7. Change the Letter

  8. Clan suggestion

    Ayo Twiz here, Im hoping you peeps can hear me out, do you think we could expand the Renegade surfers clan to the CSGO community of Renegade. I really want to become a part o the clan but I don't have cs 1.6. Or we could have a separate clan for CSGO. Thank you for taking some time out of your day, Twiz
  9. HOTTEST CHICKS THREAD! This is my type of chicks