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  1. Introducing my self (again)

    Lol Ap see you there m8
  2. Lost Progress

    I got my rz 16 mill xp Like 30 mill cash
  3. Introducing my self (again)

    Hey guys, i have started playing cs 1.6 again, its been a couple of months since i started playing and i realized its such a fun game idk how i ever got bored of it. I have been consistent with gmod and cs 1.6 for the last month. I m just saying hi to the people who know me. If you dont know me, Hi my name is Alex, and i resigned from an admin position in the knife arena server. I regret that decision very much, as renegade needed admins on the knife arena, and all that lasse did for me so i can get admin and then i resigned, pretty dick move, ik. So i came to start fresh and say hi, i hope this run in cs 1.6 i will last with you guys for years as i always hoped since this is a great community. Ok back to me, My name is Alex, and i play Hockey, Football and Basketball, I used to play soccer but i quit, it wasnt very fun for me. I like playing video games in my spare time and love the idea of gaming in general. I hope to continue gaming and eventually have it as my career. I currently live in MTL, Canada. If you have any questions, post them below and ill answer it!
  4. Coming out...

    I'd still chakalaka boom boom
  5. Hall of Fame

    [MENTION=9820]SixSixSix[/MENTION] look up wat I posted I think Brendon's idea is great
  6. Help me m8

    Ok so im getting Amd A6-Series - 5400k, EVGA GeForce GTX 960 and 2 Kingston HyperX Fury 8gb ram sticks. I tried googling this but could find anything so im asking yall. Would all this be perfectly fine and working with a MSI - A55M - P33 motherboard? If u know any of these things cant fit or work with the motherboard let me know
  7. Hall of Fame

    Ok yeah what [MENTION=1310]Brendon[/MENTION] said is good every1 thjat retireed should be on there and the description date and yeah that sounds good +1 if u like the idea so it can actually happen
  8. Hall of Fame

    Yeah [MENTION=4992]Lasse[/MENTION] but we can make it so people nominate their favorite admins and stuff, and EVERYBODY votes on it and see if it agrees with everybody that they should be displayed as the greatest in renegade.
  9. Hall of Fame

    Yes you guys could nominate but you guys should +1 if u like the idea so there is actually a thread or something for Hall Of Fame
  10. Hall of Fame

    Hi I want there to be a thread or something that shows all the amazing retired admins , Co owners, Owners etc.. People that have retired, It will work just like sports, A great player in basketball will probably join the Hall Of Fame at the END/RETIREMENT of their career. This will be the same for admins , I'll name a few Cooki3_Monsy3r, RIS, Roosta are just a few of the amazing admins for renegade. These Admins should be displayed and shown as one of the greatest
  11. Best Signatures You have seen

    [MENTION=5097]Wachi[/MENTION] i just got windows 10 cmon bro
  12. Best Signatures You have seen

    YO Post your favorite signatures on this forum and the funniest so this is my favorite its http://imgur.com/MptLdlu the file was too big to post here idk why
  13. Tag a friend who has the biggest mouth

    [MENTION=2988]Wrath[/MENTION] YOU FUCK! jk luv u bb prob [MENTION=5139]Honeybunny[/MENTION] always trashes my when i play gg against him lol
  14. Latest movie that you watched

    Just saw neighbors 2 one of the funniest movies I saw
  15. Lol if there was a csgo zombie or a game mode that everyone can do and is not too hard for me I would be very active on the server