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    Hey, welcome to the community! Hope to see you around the surf servers! Enjoy your stay!
  2. After 3 long years...

    I'll miss u bb remember not to share those dic pics I sent you k baiiii
  3. Steam purchase

  4. Bye

    Bye I will miss you forever. If you ever miss me, you always look at those booty pics I sent you. <3
  5. Arizona Sniper!?!?

    Challenge him to a 1v1 no scope duel.
  6. hi

    Welcome to the forums, hope you have a good time!
  7. Birthday Wishes *Slugeball*

    Thanks you so much!
  8. Congratulations to Cooki3 and Wachi

    Congratz to both of you. Glad to see some people taking initiative and making the community a better place!
  9. New Sentence Game

    There are days when I and Ass_Ketchum went smothering random pokemon around his arm until something unexpected crawls out of a pothole. Ass_Ketchum would usually freak out but this Bitch with big collection was the most weirdest Prostitute. He thought why this bitch had turned out to be a Pokemon with 6 genitalia, why? Because she had evolved into the Cuntasauras. So then, I dance all over the floor with my dinosaur and throw a party for my birthday party. I felt as though my soul disappeared in noodles and fried chicken with buttjuice squirting sriracha hotsauce over party-guests and Ass_Ketchum. Then I see a bright wand vibrating within eye-sight distance, and suddenly I lickAss_Ketchum's face while singing something sinister gore. After that I laughed and felt delighted. Next thing I know a massive butt soaked with guava juice and topped with mint leaves began smelling my toenails. I began to boogie until I ran out of space but then a horrible creature farts furiously and runs away with me. We were sprinting naked through the foothills of gangaikondacholapuram, then suddenly Ass_Ketchum sharted uncontrollably
  10. I'm Back

    Thanks you very much, I appreciate it!
  11. I'm Back

    Hello, to all that do not know me, I am Slugeball. I was admin on the Renegade surf servers for a few months, but then retired. I know a lot has changed since I've been gone, and I know there are many new admins, so I'd just like to reintroduce myself. I am not sure if I am going to come out of retirement, but If I do, I would like new people to know who I am. So, I am a surfer at heart. I have over 1000 hours in CSGO, and around 400-500 of them being in surf servers. I use to be one of the best on Renegade, but as the servers have gotten more popular and better players have come on, I am nothing more than an average surfer. I helped test out the CSGO surf servers when they were brand new, and even helped test out other servers such as our old hook server and scout server. Although I have not been on here as long as many of the other admins, I could be considered one of the first admins hired SPECIFICALLY for the CSGO surf community. I apologize dearly for signing out but then never truly signing back in, and I apologize greatly to Lasse and Cookie for bailing on them. If I do decide to come back I promise to be very active, and to actually follow through with my sign outs. I hope everyone in the community doesn't hate me for leaving, because I know we had many good times together. If I shall never receive my admin privileges back, either because I choose not to or they are not given back, I promise to still be active on the servers and make the community a better place. I hope to see all my old friends in game some time, and I can't wait to make new ones. Thanks!
  12. Birthday Wishes *FedEx*

    Happy Birthday man!
  13. SUP guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey man, welcome to the forums!
  14. Section for all the Renegade Artists!

    Thanks man, I really appreciate it!
  15. Section for all the Renegade Artists!

    Damn that looks sweet, thanks man!

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