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  1. plato and flashbang get a room
  2. ReinCarlo's 2nd Attempt.

    (+) 1 for me he has been around for sometime now.
  3. Err0r rA application

    (+) 1
  4. Apply

    this is a mercy vote since he appears to be a nice kid, hahahahahahahha + 1 +4 total
  5. Apply

    21 forum posts and then I vote.
  6. DarKxD's 2nd Attemt to join ~rA Clan

    +1 for me coz we play all the time
  7. DarKxD'S rA clan application

    if you stick in the zombie server +1 hahahahahhaha I have not seen you play Main 1 I only play there. welcome and good luck! =+3 total
  8. Alley Cat clan app

    +1 =2
  9. <p><p><p><p>Why u upset?</p></p></p></p>

    <p><p><p><p>coz I responded first and not you?</p></p></p></p>

    <p><p><p><p>BTW, where do I file my complaint against you hacking with dealers?</p></p></p></p>

  10. Corsi is a hacker at RENAGE ARMY server

    [MENTION=5338]corsi[/MENTION] is an admin here can you prove your allegations?
  11. Awp enable on Main 1?

    I request skin for awp if it's possible, thanks. Wrath.
  12. Musky app

    +1 total +3

    minimum 25 forum posts!!!! before you can apply for clan membership!!! Hmmmm, what the heck He was admin before +1 +4 total
  14. Latest movie that you watched

    Share some adult matured films from the elite actress of Canoga Park and San Fernando Valley California!!!! everyone??????? BTW I saw McFarland and Interstellar both liked it. The Judge not so much
  15. WTF is this flash yell thing

    wrath installed that before but removed it, who placed it back? the white flash lightning was ok but revealed the orientation of the thrower, it was removed too.
  16. What is your in-game name? bukOjuice, A P E - K O B A, A P E - C O R N E L I U S - How old are you? 44 - Which Renegade Army's server do you play at most? Main 1 99% of the time - Where do you live? State(Country, (Province, Territory) City) NYC, USA - How can we contact you? (STEAM ID) (No steam id? Email: gmail etc) jasonbuko@yahoo.com, bukOjuice - Experience in Counter-Strike ( Leagues, etc. ) 17 years - Do you have experience in scrims? not a lot - Do you have a microphone and headset? no, do I need to buy? - How much time per week do you spend on Counter-Strike 1.6? >40 hrs/week, sat-sunday I try to play all day if I can - Are you still active in another community/clan? (if yes what community/clan are you still in? and how do you plan on staying active in this clan? ) No I plan to stay active if mp3 does not run his score up and trip stops using mp50 everytime they play!!!! hahahahahhahahahaha!!!!!
  17. can you just figure out what cheats the top 10 guys at Main 1 use? and how can we spot them?
  18. Main 1 Bet Option

    [MENTION=4926]Plato[/MENTION] very very wise and philosophical, makes sense every idea you have to make main1 interesting.....
  19. Main 1 Bet Option

    Top 3 fraggers from both teams will get a nicely colored gun and they only lose it when they die. please include a change of skins for the nade and flash. and, if we kill bail, MP3, c6pok, trash God, etc. we got 200hp for the next round, LOL!!!
  20. Main 1 Bet Option

    I went to check another server and they changed the color config/skin of the nade and flash, can we do it too? i like the idea of betting. maybe the winners get a red gun for the round? Or the one with the most kills?
  21. Stoner thread?

    G13 baby, that is the only thing I smoke.
  22. what is the result of our voting? [MENTION=4924]Arash[/MENTION], [MENTION=2455]eddie[/MENTION]
  23. the team flash has deteriorated my eyesight for the past few years now, LOL!!!