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  1. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    ohoho, Thank you <3
  2. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    I will try, if I'm not dead tired after work.
  3. Headshot Only DM?

    Sounds good to me. DM's are everywhere, HS-only are rare. Or make it possible to be either way, so admin can switch it on/off. HS only to regular and back.
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/OLD-COINS-SILVER-BULLION-LOT-GOLD-COLLECTION-RARE-BARS-CENTS-US-SET-PENNIES-SALE-/231525261959?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35e7fb2287 do you guys know anything about it? and is there any profit that can be made from this? or is this useless?
  5. For rap listeners

    I Guess this is my video/music dump. hah. Anyway, inspiring shit .... 18+ NSFW https://vimeo.com/70481852
  6. For rap listeners

    More. [MENTION=5139]Honeybunny[/MENTION] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmyCx6ipOrE
  7. For rap listeners

    @veNI remember you since EC... with "pan!c" guy playing at that time... you had a name "vendetta" at first. Right? And no, I don't play csgo.
  8. For rap listeners

    Found a new artist for myself, not sure if you guys heard about him, but his music is pretty dope. give it a go and c if you like it. The instrumentals are really awesome. Tell me what you think of him. I'm interested. And this one is just for off-topic sake. and something uplifting...
  9. RIS

    Happy Birthday man! All the best to you !
  10. Yeah, I remember that, and didn't ask for dl link for that reason. Thanks for a reply anyway
  11. Any of you are familiar? I need help getting items info/prices/descriptions and etc and then uploading to my site through csv file. I'm tired of doing it manually and thought if any of you are familiar with that? I know softwares like WEB ripper could help, but I can't find anywhere to download it... without paying. So any other suggestions?
  12. Commands

    Oh remembered some more stuff r_decals 0 (removes bullet holes) gl_picmip 1,2,3 (Try increasing, depending on what you like) It smoothes out textures. -freq IN CS Launch options... if you have some trouble with reg, you could try setting -freq to the amount of refresh rate your monitor is set to right now..(hertz) ex: -freq 60 oh and Ofc the most obvious gl_vsync 0 con_color "250 250 250" I like my chat WHITE hpk_maxsize try from 1 to 4 depending on your preference bind "F4" "vesthelm" Change F4 to any key you want, if you want to quickly buy Helm and Vest.
  13. hi this is BOBO

    Studying actuarial science, not bad bobo! Who are you planning to work as later?
  14. Commands

    gl_ansio 0 cl_bob 0 cl_bobup 0
  15. Latest movie that you watched

    "The fault in our stars" - watched it about two weeks ago. A really powerful movie. Loved it!