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  1. Help!

    Windows 10 recently updated, i checked the driver for any updates and it says it has the most up to date version. mind you my gfx is old. radeon 4300/4500 HD
  2. Help!

    About 2 weeks ago, my cs went to shit. I went from getting 100 fps to now I get 4 fps in game, not even playable. I reinstalled steam, still having issues, I did a windows update, still having issues, I checked my gfx card, still having issues. Everything else on my PC runs fine, except steam. Anyone have suggestions or ideas on how to fix this please share! Thanks
  3. I need help picking one...

    buy whichever one gets you laid the easiest.
  4. hi

    need more women in our gaming community, welcome
  5. for your consideration

    1 - always liked that 2 - havent noticed that many awps on 1 team 3 - dont see an issue with it 4- no opinon tooo much algebra jen
  6. Pug server, steam only?

    pay the $9 and get steam, cheapos
  7. [EVENT] Pug event.

    i wish...im away this weekend
  8. New Scrim Server

    I'm definately interested in the PUG server. I think we could set it up on having a prompt sent out to the servers if a game is happening or if we require a player to fill a spot. I've played on a few and its pretty quick and easy to get someone to fill a void doing "!need" or "!player"
  9. Main 1 Classic Poll

    I haven't asked anyone to change anything, I've barely played in there recently.
  10. Hi every one from loko (IDF)

    5 kids? good work! welcome
  11. RIP Rob/destroid

    wow thats unreal, so sad. never met the guy
  12. New servers?

    dont have any suggestions, that would be fun and something different tho!
  13. Yep I just got a bunch cause i banned him

  14. lass its corsi, i cant login now after u fixed my ban list password

    1. Lasse


      ... You can't login where?

    2. THE LiTTlE HERO


      can u donate me xp plz cause my xp and my money both had lost my xp was 3600000 and too give me rZ plz fast as soon as you can !!

  15. Team semiclip plugin

    first time im seeing this other thread bout the plugins.

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