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  1. Hey Fockner,

    Get to work.

    1. corsi


      u find a job yet

    2. Plato


      Yep and I'm actually making decent money now.

  2. I haven't asked anyone to change anything, I've barely played in there recently.
  3. 5 kids? good work! welcome
  4. wow thats unreal, so sad. never met the guy
  5. dont have any suggestions, that would be fun and something different tho!
  6. Yep I just got a bunch cause i banned him

  7. lass its corsi, i cant login now after u fixed my ban list password

    1. Lasse


      ... You can't login where?

    2. THE LiTTlE HERO


      can u donate me xp plz cause my xp and my money both had lost my xp was 3600000 and too give me rZ plz fast as soon as you can !!

  8. first time im seeing this other thread bout the plugins.
  9. Can you explain how going to the classic 1.6 server is bringing in more players? Cause I haven't seen much change since it was agreed to go back to classic and no plugins. Every time I'm in the server someone is complaining about being blocked, it happens all the time. We should be doing whatever it takes to get it populated like it used to be. I don't like playing with 10 or less for the majority of the time, do you?
  10. bring semi clip back, our classic look isnt populating the server much at all.
  11. any chance we can get this plug in enabled in main 1 again?
  12. this is what happens when you give plato too much power...
  13. welcome
  14. welcome newbie
  15. Greetings Mike!

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