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  1. happy birthday toxyn seen u playing main 1 but never talk to u 

    from ApG4MeRz

  2. New servers?

    How about a stealth mod, triple jump, nade boost Rats server.
  3. Auto-record

    AoG just started auto recording demos and if someone gets banned the player and admin both upload demos. I didn't say that admins are relieved of duties from the suggestion. Also the server changes maps every 15-20 minutes and a new demo with a same name is recorded on the next map. Its not my suggestion I just assumed with DarkxD lack of details that this would the closest thing to what he might have meant.
  4. Pokémon Go.

    Is this just catching them all or is there battling involved?
  5. Auto-record

    I think he might have meant that all players start auto recording when they connect and a demo is put in their folder, should they get banned they need to upload a demo as well.
  6. Pokémon Go.

    I would give it a shot, but I haven't played since Pokemon Platinum. I did try ORAS but after I made it past that tree town I thought the game was to easy.
  7. Avatar.

    http://www.mediafire.com/view/dihoa79pt38tg13/ss%20(2016-07-10%20at%2007.25.20).jpg# ah you beat me to it!
  8. The Real Banana is here!

    I'm not exactly a veteran and I don't quite recall you but welcome back
  9. The "YOU " Post

  10. The "YOU " Post

    Go drink some purple ChuChu jelly.
  11. The "YOU " Post

    What chu gonna do brudda?
  12. The "YOU " Post

    I'm not quite sure how to do that.
  13. The "YOU " Post

    It stinks an I don't like it. Anyways, I have a level 60 Pikachu now.
  14. The "YOU " Post

    I caught a Pikachu today, and a pichu and a raichu.

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