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  1. I'm ALIVE!!!!! :)

    Csgo been rough for me. Not that much time to play. Yea tons of skins like pokemon csgo peekatchu
  2. I'm ALIVE!!!!! :)

    Ya bro been a while. Nobody to buy me awps anymore. Get your rig to work man
  3. I'm ALIVE!!!!! :)

    Death lives!
  4. Oh dang. Hatch just probs saved up for that mustang gt from donations and runnun now
  5. New Owner!!

    Fagtch finally took Slutsse in
  6. Sacrifice the CS:GO Pub Server

    I yet to find an awp server without shitton of plugins like jumping and etc. if u make it classic it will be the only one in NA
  7. hello to all

    r u doctor yet?
  8. Sacrifice the CS:GO Pub Server

    awp/fun maps
  9. right misread ur original post lol nice knife doe
  10. dam ven u really did jack up the price on M9 lol i can easily find full fade with 4th red tooth for 190-200
  11. I'm back