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  1. DarKxD'S rA clan application

    Haven't been playing 1.6 at all so I can't vote either way.But I've played with him on Zombie,nice guy.
  2. Zer0virusx.

    Happy Birthday!
  3. Alley Cat clan app

    I've seen you on Main a few times but you'll have to play more often to get accepted.Your forum activity is increasing,which is good.Try applying again in the near future.
  4. Bullet damage?

    I'm with Honey on this one.As long as it doesn't interfere with another plugin, then why not.
  5. Yeah I'm kinda getting sick of that song lol.
  6. Tetrix.

    Happy Birthday to chu LOL
  7. ReinCarlo RA Application

    Hi Carlo,glad to see you on the forums.You're very active on the server but you'll need to hang around the forums for some time to be eligible. Here are the requirements in case you want to read them: http://renegade.army/forums/showthread.php?4145-Requirements-To-Join-Renegade-Army
  8. RedFoxy RA application

    You'll have to be more active on Main 1 before I can vote.Hope I see you there.
  9. Awp enable on Main 1?

    Yeah I think that would be better.Although I guess if someone's really good with it they'll be hard to kill.
  10. Awp enable on Main 1?

    Sooo are we going to allow it or nah? [MENTION=4924]Arash[/MENTION] [MENTION=4992]Lasse[/MENTION]
  11. tr1p's B'day^

    Lol he's returning from his "tr1p" on his birthday. Happy Birthday and welcome back!
  12. I feel like they dumbed it down after the first two seasons to appeal to the masses.
  13. Wrathie

    Happy belated Birthday Wrath!
  14. Awp enable on Main 1?

    Always felt that the AWP increases the gap between good players and bad players.But if it brings more people in then I'm all for it.