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  1. Hey HoneyBunny Can you pls Unban me pls My Nick name is FaZe*Rz In the Game For cs 1.6 Pls unban it was fun playing you guys server it's the best but why kick banned check your console I fix my console but I try to go in but still can't go in zombie army mode server you guys server and my steam I'd is this 1993590692 pls unban HoneyBunny pls if not than it's okay I know what I did I tell other players bad things that's why you banned me I get it and I know I'm sorry for that.  If you can unban if not it's okay I did try you guys server it was fun playing 10/10 for that server. My images will show here it say you have been disconnected from the server Reason: Kicked : "Banned!  Check your console. " I want to play again the zombie server mode it's fun playing because sometimes it make me laugh so hard can't stop playing you guys server it's fun playing. My Real name is Christian Celis I'm from Northern Marianas island My home place call Saipan live in Kagman 2 small village place and I'm 18 year old still playing you guys server and done with high school and trying to find a real job for my family I'm trying my best to find a job but everytime I try people say sorry you can't so I'm here at my house doing nothing at all but just helping my family still but best server you guys have.

    1. finesse .

      finesse .

      You need to post here if you want to appeal your ban. http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/forum/39-ban-appeals/


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