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  1. I would recommend going to the website if you experience problems with the /boost command. In addition to what Arash said, there is also the option of donating directly to RA and telling us which server you want boosted. Our donation system is disabled at the moment, but will return in the near future.
  2. UPDATE: My Kentucky Wildcats are headed to the Sweet 16!
  3. Nice photo, but I believe the letter was 't'... Thor
  4. Does anyone here get into the NCAA tournament? Doing a bracket? I know its probably a strange concept to non-U.S. people that we root for college sports teams. But its actually almost a professional sport itself at this point, especially with basketball and football.
  5. It's back. Long live the Gun Game server
  6. Actually the server WILL switch to gg_mahitto, but only if no one votes at all, or if there are no players in the server. In other words, we still have those maps installed and can access them, but they won't appear in the vote menu options. Custom player skins could be cool. How would that work though? Are there downloadable skins, do we need to create them, etc?

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