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  1. Just to be clear, what "we wanted" is what we always want, which is for everyone on the admin team to be mature and competent. We don't want to have to police and/or apologize for anyone's behavior, and honestly I can't recall another situation where this was ever necessary in the past. Unfortunately @Enlil chose to be disrespectful and childish, ignore our warnings, and his admin was removed as a result. Some of his responses in this thread only further confirmed that this was the correct choice.
  2. Take care, good luck to you @GirinoS
  3. I like the idea of bringing back "Main 2", but instead of it being another Dust2 server it would be every classic map that isn't Dust2.
  4. Deathmatch
  5. I need to catch up on Better Call Saul. Excellent show.
  6. I think someone forgot to write a word. Anyways... Paranormal
  7. Good job @San_Cvander for reporting this. @Lasse I propose we consider banning @dev1n from the community entirely, including servers.
  8. @YouTubeIItzFaith When you reach my age (many years from now) you will prefer to subtract years rather than exaggerate. We do appreciate you taking the blame and coming clean about your age. I think it shows that, while you made a mistake, you do take this seriously and respect our community. Rather than deny or remove your admin, I am going to leave your admin application on pending status for a probationary period of 6 weeks. My hope is that you will continue to be active, report cheaters, and participate on the forum, Discord, and game servers. Do this, and 6 weeks from now we will resume the process of creating your admin account. Cheers, HB
  9. +2 iSUCK 1. yellow (0)---dead 2. Girino (18) 3. sleepiexjay (18) 4. Godlike (18) 5. DarkxD (18) 6. iSUCK (8) 7. Magnum (20) 8. Scape (20)
  10. We actually had this map in the rotation once before, will be cool to play it again. Thanks everyone!
  11. Are you working in a translation team ? yesterday i watched American Dad and I saw your nickname for the synching of subtitles hehe !




    1. Ali



    2. Honeybunny


      It's an impostor honeybunny!

    3. AnnaLee


      hahaha ok im calling GRC !

  12. I got it

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