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  1. Welcome back, yellow.
  2. Clan membership is not for sale tho, lol. We just accept members who are active in forums and servers as well. Girino's idea is out of the context, maybe he meant by adding the user group in game, like admins?? We just merged the other 2 subclans into one (rZ and rS), and I don't really like the idea of adding a new subclan, again. Your post will be moved to the right place.
  3. @Wrath
  4. Isn't rats maps too big for a DM server? It will be easier for players to camp with an AWP and do lots of kills? Could you mention which maps do you want to see in the server, please?
  5. Welcome aboard, dude. If you have any questions, feel free to ask
  6. Happy birthday, faggot.

    I hope you get a gigantic dildo as a present, so you can satisfy yourself while listening to Marilyn Manson.


    1. Zer0virusx


      LMFAO thanks and yeah it was great actually, oh and I think your GF is gonna need that dildo more than I am. 

  7. @ROCKSTAR_1 Done.
  8. @180000 Application rejected. Wait 2 weeks before applying again.
  9. Totally agree with this, unless you get default models with tiny modifications (coloring, custom textures, etc).
  10. HB.
  11. @BLaCK-D3V!L @Drawka @gjchaw @l~HEADSHOT~l @yellow Tomorrow morning, this app will be closed and you guys didn't vote (but saw the thread). Any inputs?
  12. @ShihI
  13. This is why I'm going to vote negative in your application. This means that you don't know English at all. Not even a simple word. -3 Total: -2
  14. Right now, Discord widget doesn't show on white/black theme. There is/was another thing that works on Titan, but not on white/black theme, but I don't remember right now what is it.
  15. @Wrath @Zer0virusx @BLaCK-D3V!L @blancocjes @Cobra @Drawka @Enlil @gjchaw @legiøN @Swag @ShihI @theprodigy12 @l~HEADSHOT~l @yellow

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