The server machine is down due to maintenance. The company we use to host our machines are moving things from the current location to a new one which is why it is down. I do not know when it will be back up - all I know is that they have informed me that they are having some issues (not necessarily with our machine but in general) which is causing the entire thing to take longer than expected.

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  1. hmmm

  2. Suggesting again

    We already discussed this multiple times in the past, and with multiple opinions, and we keep getting the same answer over and over again. You can see it here: I, even made a poll 2 years ago about the teamflash plugin, and people decided to keep it on. After @Wrath and I decided to test the teamflash plugin, we saw a flaw that sometimes, it doesn't work. Even enemy's flash can be avoided by the plugin. This happens in every server, since all of them use the same plugin as well. It can't be noticed if you are playing with 10+ players, but it can be seen if you play with 4 or less players. This was mentioned 4 years ago, and barely noticed by people, but it can be annoying for some.
  3. Suggesting again

    We already have semiclip installed. But not as a default plugin, like the rest of the servers. You have to hold 'E' button to activate semiclip. We did this, because some people likes to get on top of unreachable places, like: boxes, walls, etc. Teamflash removal was once installed, but we found that this plugin, is buggy and can cause random crashes to the server. That's why we removed it. Auto Balance is working like it should be. The thing is, bots weren't meant to exists in 1.6, and of course, this situation can constantly happen, since no one thought on having a serious match with bots. I don't know if @Wrath can do something about it, to avoid having bots Vs humans.
  4. ra clan petisions

    Accepted. Welcome aboard!

    Holy moly. The details on the first 2 are just amazing! Keep it up, mate. You have some good skills on it.
  6. hello ladies and gents

    Greetings, stranger! Long time no see, yellow. Hope you're doing great!
  7. Clan Application

    My apologize for the late response. Accepted. Welcome aboard!
  8. Hi to all, i'm back.

    Welcome back, my boy!
  9. who is this?

    Oh, boi.
  10. Clan app

  11. Anti cheat , Puplic Servers.

    Locked, since there's nothing else to discuss here.
  12. clan app

    Accepted. Please, follow the instructions mentioned in this guide: Welcome aboard!
  13. Introduction - Richard

    Uh oh, I'm so late for the party, but anyways. Welcome aboard, Richard! I'm glad that you enjoy playing with us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  14. Introduction

    Hallo. Welcome back! Hope you enjoy your stay, buddy.
  15. clan app

    Hi, we do appreciate your interest on applying for our Clan. The only thing that stopped me from accepting your application, is that you don't have your own KeyID (more like your own account). We would like to have you in a different account from iSuck's account. No need to re-apply or do a new post, just edit this one, and add your own KeyID. As soon as you have made your own account, you are mostly welcomed to our clan. My apologize for the late response. Have a nice day, Merlin!

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