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    @DoctOr Daniel Is that Rio - São Paulo bridge? What's the name of the architecture on your right side of the picture?
  2. Hi! New member

    Hello, Motasem.
  3. wanna to be rA. clan

    Rejected. This is Motasem. Don't even try it.
  4. Hide and Seek event!


    Friendly reminder for those who still don't know how to get the UTC time: http://bfy.tw/EJPm
  5. [EVENT] Hide and Seek!

    Friendly reminder for those who still don't know how to get the UTC time: http://bfy.tw/EJPm
  6. [Clan App]

    Please, follow the format if you want to be part of the clan.
  7. Staff Update #11

    R00d. I ain't yo bitch. You are my bitch :blush: Thank you, everyone! Sad to see some people leaving, but at the same time, I'm happy for those who got promoted. Congratulations!
  8. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    Actually, he wants a grenade trail, no matter what it does, lol. In my opinion, I hate the trails in normal games, if it can be toggle-able, then I won't mind having it. As long as I don't have to keep turn it off every time I join or round map .
  9. It's time to say goodbye.

    Sad to see you go. Feel free to come back whenever you want to. Godspeed.
  10. Steam ID

    Solved and locked.
  11. Steam ID

  12. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    If the sound can be toggle-able, then yes! Since some users hate it for some reason.
  13. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    I would like to see this map in DM: dm_unreal. A classic map for those who have played Unreal Tournament https://gamebanana.com/maps/196898 And if you find anything else related to Unreal Tournament, I would like to play all of them!
  14. Ain't gonna lie, this is a fact, but you could use: OneTab: to save tabs that you need them for further research, reading, whatever, but you don't have to leave them opened. They will be saved in a special "bookmark" from this extension. The Great Suspender: Shuts down the tab process to avoid using memory while it's not required. You can set the time or whatever. Native Lazy Tabs: Automatically discards all tabs at startup, before they load, reducing memory footprint and unnecessary bandwidth usage. And obviously, turn off background process from Chrome. This definitely will boost up your Chrome experience.
  15. Or, you could use the multiple login in Chrome as well.

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