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  1. HBD San

    Happy birthday.
  2. rA clan request

  3. lasse now you and all the admins know the true        me not lier me good not hack                                                                                    


  4. lasse i am very sory im the reason about motasem  im playing on his laptob with hack so you can banned me not him motasem is very good he is like a hero he loves to catch the hackes so im very sory about that      and that meaning me the reason motasem a good man banned me not him   

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    2. Lasse


      You do realize that I can see that all of these messages are written not only from the same IP but on the exact same device - right?

    3. Motasem Sahle

      Motasem Sahle

      • you mean me write it so i can say i swear  not me he write that im my house because i say to him tell him the true
    4. Motasem Sahle

      Motasem Sahle

      and he dont write that on my computer

      he write that on his copmputer 

  5. Staff Update #11

    Hey guys, We have had a few resignations as well as a fair amount of promotions since the last staff update. Promotions: @Wachi has been promoted to Council. @Godlike has been promoted to Head Admin. @Liquidbullets has been promoted to Head Admin. @Gotchu has been promoted to Global Admin. @Bam Bam (previously known as Ali) has been promoted to Global Admin. @AnnaLee has been promoted to Global Admin. @finesse . has been re-promoted to Global Admin. @San_Cvander has been promoted to Senior Admin. @lola shmola has joined the staff team as Trial Admin in the Dust 24/7 server. Demotions: None. Resignations: @klaathax has stepped down from his Council position as he will be busy focusing on IRL commitments. He has been an incredibly important part of the staff team and we thank him for everything that he has done for the community. He will still be active within the community to some extent and we hope to see him fully return to the Council team at some point in the future. @MaGNuM has decided to resign from his Senior Admin position due to IRL commitments taking up most of his time. He did a solid job as an admin and we wish him nothing but the best with his future endeavors. @Kill_Em_All has been removed from the staff team for the time being. He will be too busy with work (possibly till the end of 2017) to commit to the community. He will, of course, be more than welcome to return to the team if he should want to when he has the time. @FriedPotato has resigned from his Senior Admin + Server Manager position. We thank him for being a part of the staff team and wish him good luck with everything.
  6. Am ready to win yet another tournament.
  7. Alcayde...

    Happy birthday @Alcayde!
  8. Rules

    Topic updated with a more detailed explanation of the rules as well as Discord rules added.
  9. Does this remind you of something? v2.

    Billedresultat for l4d2 helicopter


    Billedresultat for molotov l4d2

    1. Alcayde


      Have you beat a map yet? LUL

    2. Wrath



  10. Does this remind you of something?


    Billedresultat for l4d2 train


    Billedresultat for charger l4d2

    1. Alcayde


      LOL Never forget

    2. Wrath


      i hope you get charged at by a tank you skunk

    3. Alcayde


      Nah that's only for you. The game knows this

  11. :|

    Welcome back dawg.
  12. I would also suggest using Discord. There are almost always admins on Discord who'd be ready to help if you tag them.

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