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  1. I would also suggest using Discord. There are almost always admins on Discord who'd be ready to help if you tag them.
  2. You wanna know who I'm in love with? Read the first word again.

    1. IItzFaithYT


      You wanna know who I'm taking to bed tonight? read the first word ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2. Wrath
    3. Alcayde


      LOL I showed this to Nick and he said it's hilarious

  3. Staff Update #10

    Hey guys, We have had quite a few changes to the staff team since the last staff update. Promotions: @IItzFaithYT has been promoted to 'Trial Admin' in the Zombie server. @sakula has been promoted to 'Admin' in the Dust 24/7 server. @AnnaLee has been promoted to 'Senior Admin'. @Eddy Spaghetti has been promoted to 'Senior Admin'. @Zer0virusx has returned to the staff team as 'Senior Admin'. @Gotchu has returned to the staff team as 'Senior Admin'. Demotions: @.jen has been demoted due to inactivity (mainly on the forum and partly in game). @Drawka has been demoted due to inactivity (mainly in game and partly on the forum). @finesse . has been moved from 'Global Admin' back to 'Senior Admin'. He will as such still be admin in all of the servers and will still be the 'Server Manager' of the Surf server. He might very likely return to the 'Global Admin' team in the future when he has some more spare time to commit to the servers. Resignations: @Plato has decided to resign and was eventually banned from the forum later on. I wish the situation would have ended differently but due to certain circumstances, we (The Head Admins, Council, Developers and myself) all came to an agreement that this was the only solution to an unfortunate situation. Anyone interested in knowing what happened can contact Plato about it. No matter what there is no denying that Plato has done a lot of positive things for the community and for that we thank him and wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors.
  4. School Is Approaching....

    It sounds somewhat pointless to go back on a Friday.
  5. School Is Approaching....

    Wait you are going back to school on a Friday?
  6. Hola server

    Hola amigo.
  7. [Update #8]

    The forum software that we use did a somewhat big update recently. This update caused a lot of issues with our forum theme which is why certain things around the forum haven't been working in the past few days (such as being able to like posts). It has taken a lot of time but almost everything should be fixed now - all there is left to do is some minor graphical changes here and there. A big thank you to @Wrath for helping me (and actually doing most of it). If any of you notice any bugs or anything that's not working as it should then send me a PM or create a topic in the bug report section. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ New CS 1.6 servers. Within the past few months, we have re-opened the PUG server as well as added a Classic server. Furthermore, we recently created a new server that will be used strictly for events hosted by @RIS`. We are already working on two more CS 1.6 servers - a 'Surf Levels' server which is very similar to the CS:GO Surf servers that we had as well as a Zombie Escape server. They are both still in the very early stages of development so it is too early to say when we will be able to release them - it also is possible that we won't end up releasing them at all but if people are interested then I would be surprised if we didn't. Classics IP: PUG IP: Event IP: Server Manager changes. The 'Server Manager' rank has had a bit of a rework. The name 'Server Manager' didn't make a lot of sense before considering that the managers didn't actually manage the servers. This has however been changed so that the 'Server Managers' are able to make the changes to the server they manage themselves such as: adding / removing maps, uploading plugins, changing various configurations and so on. As seen in the last staff update topic this change resulted in quite a few admins being promoted to 'Server Manager' of different servers. We are still looking for 'Server Managers' of a few servers but as Discord activity is an absolute must for managers I would suggest any admin interested in such position to check the stickied message in the #staff chat on Discord. This change was partly done so that Wrath didn't have to manage all of the servers by himself but also as an attempt to be able to fix bugs and make important changes as quickly as possible. It is a bit complicated to learn how to do the different things that have to do with managing a server so please be patient with the new 'Server Managers'. It is a learning experience for most of them so they need some time to learn. Clubs. A part of the recent forum upgrade is the clubs which is a new way of supporting sub-communities within the community. It could be anything from the official clan using it or the server managers creating a club for the server they manage to the frequent PUG players creating a club to plan PUG events (see the purple example at the bottom of the post). The members of the community who have been with us for a long time might remember a similar feature a couple of years ago. There are four types of clubs: Public, Open, Closed and Private clubs. Public clubs: Clubs that anyone can see and participate in without joining. Open club: Clubs that anyone can see and join. Closed club: Clubs that anyone can see in the directory, but joining must be approved by a Club Leader or Club Moderator. Non-club-members who view the club will only see the member list - not the recent activity or content areas. Private club: Clubs that do not show in public, and users must be invited by a Club Leader or Club Moderator. Within the clubs there are different member ranks: Leader: A leader has all of the permissions of a moderator, and can add other moderators. The club owner is automatically a leader. Moderator: Moderators have the ability to moderate content posted within the club. Users: Regular member. To create a club simply click on the 'Clubs' in the bar at the top of the forum and then click on 'Start a Club' as seen in the screenshot below: @Alcayde has decided to use the club feature for the official clan instead of the 'Private' forum section that was previously used by the clan members. As such all of the topics from said section has been moved to the newly created clan club. All of the clan members should join the club: Reactions. As I am sure that some of you are aware you haven't been able to like posts in the past couple of days. The reasoning being that the last forum update added a change to the reputation system as well. As mentioned on Discord we had some issues with some of the changes due to our forum theme but everything should be fixed now. You previously only had one option to react to a post which was to like it. With the reactions, you are now able to react to posts with likes, dislikes and a few other options. Click the 'thumbs up' icon in the bottom right corner of a post and choose your reaction. It should look like this: In other news... You can now submit posts by holding Ctrl + Enter instead of having to click 'Submit reply'. A message will now appear if a topic is more than 30 days old asking people not to post unless necessary. This is an attempt to prevent people bumping old topics we have seen happening somewhat often lately - in some cases even introduction topics made years ago. See the red example at the bottom of the post. A couple of changes have been made to try and prevent spam accounts from joining the forum. An 'away' plugin has been enabled. Click on your name in the top right corner and go to 'Account Settings' to enable it. The red 'MEMBER AWAY' icon is clickable and will show how long someone is away for and why they are gone. See the yellow example at the bottom of the post. A message will now appear in private messages reminding people not to give out personal information. Ahem, Dev1n. Global Admins+ will now be able to ban users from topics. Global Admins+ will now be able to recommend posts in topics. Recommended posts will appear at the very top of the topic. See the green example at the bottom of the post. Global Admins+ will now be able to add a custom message above a topic. See the blue example at the bottom of the post. Global Admins+ can now restore deleted content through the ModeratorCP. In the past moderators have accidentally deleted things (the previous "Bored anything goes.." topic for example). This will make such mistakes reversible. _____________________________________________________________________________ An example of an event hosted in a club: An example of the message showing in topics older than 30 days: An example of the away plugin: An example of a recommended post: An example of a custom message:
  8. Returned

    Welcome back fam.
  9. Kanye has returned.

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      That's not introductions topic that your saying Welcome :hurr:

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      ahh!!! i know you did that for me!!!  feeling alive now!!! 

  10. [GIVEAWAY] Shadow Complex: Remastered

    Monkey. Dog. Cat. Mouse. Wolf. Tiger. Lion. Pig. Rat. Spider.
  11. Deathmatch Maps

    They were given access day or two ago. They'll probably need some time to get used to everything. If it's anything urgent then @Wrath can probably get it done.
  12. Staff Update #9

    Promotions: @.jen has been promoted to 'Trial Admin' and will be admin in the Dust 24/7 server. @sakula has been promoted to 'Trial Admin' and will be admin in the Dust 24/7 server. @FriedPotato has been promoted to 'Server Manager' of the Classics server. @BeaM.26 has been promoted to 'Server Manager' of the Rats server. @BLaCK-D3V!L has been promoted to 'Server Manager' of the Deathrun server. @AnnaLee has been promoted to 'Server Manager' of the Deathmatch server and will manage it alongside RIS. @Spilly.coc4 has returned to the staff team as 'Admin' and will be admin in the Gun Game server. @Err0r has returned to the staff team as 'Junior Developer'. He will help out Wrath with various things mainly behind the scenes. Demotions: None. Resignations: None.

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