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  1. Hi, welcome back. It's always nice to see familiar faces visiting.
  2. Hi @Godlike. We are aware of the issue and the developer is looking into ways of fixing it.
  3. Owner @Lasse Council @Wrath @Honeybunny Developer @Cooki3_Monst3r Server Manager @Liquidbullets Head Admin @Arash @Wachi @Plato @klaathax Global Admin @AkameGema @Jaxiki @SixSixSix CS 1.6 Senior Admin @BeaM.26 @CATEGORYRKO @corsi @Drawka @Enlil @finesse . @ICe BoYS | Ali -=MaSsaCre= @Tetrix @Toxyn @Zer0virusx CS 1.6 Admin @yellow CS:GO Senior Admin @Mr.Skeltal @Papi @VyTiL CS:GO Admin
  4. By using our services, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully. CS:GO Rules Mic spamming No mic spam allowed. Music can be allowed depending on the qualty and the music itself. However if asked to turned it off by multiple players or an admin then please respect that. Cheating No cheating allowed - this includes any kind of scripting. Advertising No advertising to other servers unless said servers are a part of Renegade Army. Disruptive behaviour No disruptive behaviour. This includes but is not limited to: extreme racism, personal attacks on other players, races, religion, and political stance. Posting links Players may post from normal websites (Youtube, Twitter, Twitch,etc…), but screenshots/gifs or any other link need to be sent to an admin to be validated. CS 1.6 Rules Mic spamming Any kind of mic spam is against the rules in the 1.6 servers. This includes but is not limited to: Playing music, screaming into the mic as well as flaming other players. Cheating No cheating allowed - this includes any kind of scripting. Ghosting No ghosting allowed. Advertising No advertising to other servers unless said servers are a part of Renegade Army. Disruptive behaviour No disruptive behaviour. This includes but is not limited to: extreme racism, personal attacks on other players, races, religion, and political stance. Forum Rules Disruptive behaviour Racism and sexism or any other derogatory remarks will not be allowed. This includes resorting to insults while in disagreement in a debate. We do encourage different views on topics but at the same time respect is key and nobody should try to force their view on another. Spamming Any kind of spamming is against the rules. This includes but is not limited to: Posting things with no relevance to the actual topic (read: going off topic), bumping old topics that are no longer of any use and creating multiple posts / topics regarding the same subject (for example: creating multiple ban appeals). Advertising No advertising to other servers unless said servers are a part of Renegade Army. Terms of Service YOUR ACCOUNTS When you set up an account, you are required to provide an username and email address and select a password which you may not transfer to or share with any third parties. If someone accesses our website using your information then we will assume that said person is you. You are one hundred percent responsible for any activities created by your account – this applies for both your forum account and your Steam account(s). If your account is caught cheating in our servers or doing any activities that we would consider being against our rules then we will also assume that the person doing so is you and will therefore punish your account for said activities. We reserve the right to take any and all actions against your accounts as it deems necessary or reasonable. You understand that we do not provide evidence to banned players in case said player should decide to appeal their ban. Any evidence is looked at and discussed among the Admins if needed. When creating an account on our website you automatically acknowledge that certain information of yours will be available to the Staff. This includes but is possibly not limited to: e-mail information and IP address(es). This information will only be accessible by highly trusted Staff members and will under no circumstances become public information. You may not use anyone else’s account at any time. If you are caught on someone else’s account then both your personal account and the other account that you have accessed will be punished. USER CONTENT Renegade Army is a community that welcomes users as well as user comments and submissions. We do however retain the right to modify, move, or remove any user content – in whole or in part – for any reason or no reason with or without notice. We also reserve the right to take actions against users who continually break our rules in any way that we deem necessary or reasonable. You understand that while we will take action against any users posting content that we consider to be against our rules we are however not responsible for content posted by other members of the community. When creating an account on our site you agree not to post or upload any content that is inaccurate, offensive, threatening, embarrassing, abusive, harassing, defamatory, obscene, harmful, profane, invasive of anyone's privacy, hateful, or contains or depicts nudity or explicit or graphic descriptions or accounts of sexual or violent acts (including but not limited to: sexual language of a violent or threatening nature directed at another individual), or any content that is otherwise inappropriate as determined by us in our sole discretion. You also agree not to post or upload any user content that harasses, degrades, or intimidates an individual or group of individuals on the basis of any impermissible classification, including but not limited to: religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, color, ethnicity or national origin. We reserve the right to delete any content that we would consider to be against those terms as well as the right to take actions against any accounts creating such user content. SHOP Any user information that could be considered to be private information including but not limited to: billing addresses and phone numbers will only be accessible to the owner of Renegade Army, Lasse. This information will not be used for anything other than things related to the shop of Renegade Army. If an user purchases something from the store said user will automatically agree that there will be no refunds under any circumstances unless there is an error with the item that said user have purchased. If an user purchases an in-game perk such as a donator status in one of our servers then we reserve the right to terminate said status if the user breaks any of our rules. If we decide to terminate someones donator status or decide to terminate the server that said player have purchased in-game perks for then there will also be no refunds given.
  5. As a lot of you are well aware we have been working on some new CS 1.6 servers in the past couple of months. Three of the four new servers were suggested by members of the community ( whereas the fourth server was suggested by @Liquidbullets who has returned to the staff team as a Server Manager for said server. We have done a lot of testing to make sure the servers are as good as they can possibly be and in that process fixed any bugs and issues that we have come across. We are now finally at a point where we can officially announce the servers and open them up to everyone. Rats An old favorite has once again been added to our server list. It used to be one of the favorite servers among some of the admins as well as players. We are hoping that some of you will be happy to hear that it is back. Deathrun Yet another old favorite which we have re-opened. The server is an exact copy of the one we had back in the day both in terms of plugins enabled and the maps in the server. It is a personal favorite of mine and it seems like some of you have already been having fun playing in it so far. Ultimate Warcraft 3 I think the best way to explain what kind of server this is, is by comparing it to a Warcraft 3 server mixed with a Superhero mod server. It's a mod suggested by @Liquidbullets and the server that he is the manager of. A lot of work has been put into it both in terms of coding it by Wrath but also a lot of testing by Liquidbullets, Wachi and myself. Similar to the Deathrun server it has already had a decent amount of players considering that it hasn't been publicly announced as open yet till this topic. Capture the flag + Gun Game The regular Gun Game server is one of our most popular servers and has been so for a very long time and hopefully this server will attract an audience as well. The 'Capture The Flag' mod was suggested by quite a few of you but it was @FATE ONE who actually suggested creating a 'Capture The Flag' + Gun Game server. It's a very unique kind of server with two popular mods mixed into one and that is why we decided to go ahead with it. ___________________________________________________________________ IPs Rats: Deathrun: Ultimate Warcraft 3: CTF + Gun Game: _____________________________________________________________________ We already have at least one more CS 1.6 server planned to be released but it is still too early on to get into that. If you come across any bugs in any of the servers then please make sure to report them (here: so that it can be fixed.
  6. Throughout the past couple of months both Admins and players have been asking about the CS:GO servers and now the time has come. I am glad to finally be able to announce that we have decided to revive the CS:GO side of Renegade Army. What is happening? A new and improved server machine has been bought with the sole purpose of hosting our CS:GO servers. Cooki3 is once again back to do what he does best. He has already put in a lot of work to first of all bring back the beloved Tier 1 Surf server. The CS:GO Admins are once again ready to administrate the server in the best way possible. The CS:GO rules have been revised and adjusted. The entire ban list has been erased meaning everyone will once again be allowed back into our CS:GO servers. All of the times have been reset. Cooki3 has been working on the Tier 1 server for some time while the Admins have been brainstorming on how to run the servers in the best way possible. We are currently focusing on the Tier 1 server but in the near future we will start working on the a Tier 2 server as well. We will very likely create even more CS:GO servers in the future but for right now the surf servers is our primary focus. Important information: CS:GO Tier 1 IP: CS:GO Admin list: CS:GO Rules: Admin Applications: *link will be added later as it's not done yet*
  7. As you already know the 'EZ Full Width' and 'EZ Scroll Top' plugins don't work but I've added a plugin similar to the 'Ez Scroll Top'. If you click the arrow in the bottom right corner it'll bring you to the top of the page. You would have to be more specific because I'm not fully understanding what you mean. The plugins and applications installed on the forum are automatically installed across all of the different themes when added - in other words the 'Titan' theme shouldn't have any plugins or applications that the White / Black themes do not have.
  8. I apologize for the delay but as Honeybunny mentioned they should be up and running again. Assuming everything goes as planned then the server machine shouldn't go down for another two years.
  9. It'd be really cool if you would answer on Kik.

    1. Wrath


      It'd be really cool if you read your kik.

    2. Lasse


      I did tho.

  10. I'll PM you the e-mail. The thing is that I don't have any way to prove that it's actually you. It might seem a bit overly protective considering it's nothing more than a gaming community but I'd rather not give someone access to an account unless I'm 100% certain that it's the actual owner of the account that I'm handing it over to. The e-mail registered for the account is a @hotmail e-mail whereas the one on your current account is a @yahoo e-mail. The IP's don't match either and when comparing the IP's on the two accounts they track to different locations. I'm not saying that any of this is suspicious or anything like that and I have no reason to think that you're not the owner of the account... but.. people expect their users to be safe and secure and the only way to make sure of that is to have some sort of proof rather than just handing out passwords left and right because of what I assume to be the case. I'll PM you the e-mail in a second and if you for whatever reason can't access that e-mail then let me know and I'll see if there's some other way of handling it.
  11. Whoops found a third account of yours (the one with 398 posts). I can send the password to the e-mail linked to the account if you want me to.
  12. Figured you need the name for whenever you'll get around to changing the rank.


    1. Lasse


      Hey that rhymes.

    2. Jaxiki


      Colour hex?

  13. Hatch resigned from the Counter-Strike side of the community a while ago but decided to continue running the Minecraft community. He eventually shut down the Minecraft community - I don't really remember why as I've never been a part of the Minecraft community. The Minecraft and the Counter-Strike community never shared the same forum and therefore never shared the same users either. In other words there are no way for me to get you back your account from there. There is an old account of yours on here as well (or at least I assume its yours based on its name) which was created back in 2011 but it literally had no posts or anything like that so I don't see any point in giving you that one back - although if you want me to I obviously can.
  14. Two things:

    1. Please re-size the bot shoutbox in the 'Titan' theme. It doesn't fit with the rest.


    2. Can you remove the line around the Discord widget? 

    Also can you make it a stand-alone widget? From what I can tell you've 'attached' it to the 'Staff online' widget ye?


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