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  1. rolex uhren 

    1. RIS`


      I tried so many things to understand this. I translated from Danish, tried reading it backwards, rearranging letters to have it make sense. smh I should've just scrolled down

    2. Lasse


      Glad to hear that you're as dumb as ever. 

    3. RIS`


      I just have to bring myself down and try to understand things from the perspective of a dumb person like you. You're special <3

  2. heya my dude, remember me from the surfing days?

  3. i am boost for vip and i have no pls set me vip name AmarProGamer

  4. Boost

    There is no need to create three topics regarding the same issue. @Wrath
  5. Anti cheat , Puplic Servers.

    I don't think that you understand. If (and that's a big if) your intention was to help them secure their servers then you should have done things differently. You could've contacted one of the owners beforehand to explain the situation to see whether they needed your help. Instead, you were caught using both aimbot and wallhack multiple time and furthermore, you were caught evading that ban several times as well. Any credibility that you might've had prior to this went straight out the window the second you were caught cheating. We have banned thousands upon thousands of players for doing the exact things that you have done. Every now and then these people will come up with different kind of "explanations" (read: excuses) for what they did - and that's exactly what this sounds like; yet another player caught cheating trying to make up an excuse as to why you did it.
  6. Anti cheat , Puplic Servers.

    That's possibly one of the dumbest excuses I've ever heard - and that's saying something. Congratulations.
  7. Introduction - Richard

    Welcome to the community. WC3 servers are definitely the most enjoyable in my opinion. We actually tried out a WC3 server at some point (a year ago or so?) - sadly it didn't interest that many players though.
  8. <3

    Thanks for the kind words - I appreciate it. I'm certain that they'll do great. Also, don't worry. I'm sure I'll still have time to carry you in L4D2 and whatnot every now and then. Thanks man. I don't have a fiance as far as I'm aware but what do I know. Thanks :). The community will be in fantastic hands. No worries man. I might've stepped down from my role within the community but I'm always here if you need someone to talk to about whatever. You've been a great staff member throughout the years but more importantly a great friend. I hope that'll be able to continue. We should have another "Let's get on voice chat and play CS/Rocket League/L4D2 and scream at each other" again soon. Speaking of... ... also you still owe me around a million daily snaps.
  9. <3

    Much love . It's been great finding another Danish fella on here. I'm not entirely sure if you really use Facebook but if you want I'll add you on there. Either way, don't worry - I'll still be around to beat you in whatever game we might end up playing. Thanks, I appreciate that - and likewise. You have been - and still are - doing a great job on the staff team. I've probably said it a million times already but you don't give yourself enough credit when it comes to that. I'll still be around on Discord and in game every now and then so, in reality, you probably won't get to miss me that much. I mean.. yeah. I'm not going to be as active as I once was (hence me stepping down and whatnot) but I'm not planning on pulling a Hatch and vanish into a black hole. I'll still be around on Discord (and visiting the forum every now and then) and I don't see myself completely quitting CS 1.6 either. There's always the chance of me fully returning at some point in the future (I doubt it - but never say never I guess as the good ol' Biebs once preached).
  10. <3

    Hey everyone. A little less than three years ago Hatch came to the conclusion that it was time for him to move on from Renegade Army. He more or less gave me the ultimatum that I would have to take over the community or he would shut it down. It was a bittersweet situation as Hatch had been running the community for a very long time and done so exceptionally well. I said back then that it was somewhat difficult for me to decide whether I should take over the community or not. I mentioned one of the reasons being that I didn't want to do it unless I could fully commit myself to the position. I've always been very vocally against staff members not being committed and as such have been somewhat harsh towards admins who I've felt haven't done their job properly. Here we are three years later and I find myself in a similar situation as the one Hatch was in back then. I will be the first to admit that I've been slacking a lot for a while and the reasoning for that being a mixture of simply not having the same amount of free time that I once had, generally losing the motivation and simply being burned out. In other words, it's hypocritical of me to be the owner of the community when I've kicked ex-admins off the team left and right due to inactivity and a lack of motivation. As such, I have - with mixed feelings - made the decision to follow in Hatch's footsteps and step down as the owner of the community. This means that I've now had to figure out whether shutting down the community entirely or if handing it over to someone else would be the best decision. I still very much have faith in the community being able to grow and prosper. Therefore, I am very happy to announce that while I'll be stepping down, @Honeybunny and @klaathax have agreed to take over. I have been working with both of them for quite a few years by now and I wouldn't be willing to let them continue running the community if I didn't have absolute faith in them. They've both been a massive part of the community throughout the years and done amazingly. Furthermore, they're both incredible people and I'm very glad that I've gotten to meet them through the community. I very much would suggest the staff team stick around as you are in very good hands. There's always the possibility that I'll return to work alongside them at some point in the future but for now, it's time to step down. I'll still be around everywhere to some extent - the difference simply is that I'm no longer officially a part of the staff team. I remember joining the community back in 2012 after playing in the Zombie server with Wrath and Girls Generation. I knew right away that I wanted to become a part of the staff team. It was a bit different back then in the sense that you needed two current admins to vouch for you before you were able to apply. I didn't want to apply as I barely knew anyone as I was new to the community so I knew I wouldn't get the required amount of votes. I, therefore, decided to skip that process and bought admin for life for $50 - I still needed two admins to vouch for me though; shoutout to SunnyMuffins and Bob (who I eventually ended up permanently banning years later for rule breaking - awkward). I remember thinking that spending $50 on something like that was a bit much considering I probably wouldn't stick around for long. Here we are, however, six years later and what a run it has been. I've had quite a few roles in the community throughout the years; every staff rank possible, manager of the surf server, running the surf clan and it has been quite the experience. This community has given me so many incredible memories: Having a ton of fun with the old ~rS surf clan in the 1.6 surf server. Trying to beat a countless amount of CS:GO Surf maps in our old CS:GO Surf servers (damn you scaz!). Dealing with so many weirdos in CS:GO (I'm looking at you Krumzie, Jokur and Pika). Running around screaming while Wrath was hunting me down in Zombie Escape. Killing ya'll one by one in the Dust 24/7 server. Playing L4D2, Rocket League, Skribbl etc. with a lot of you. Experiencing #metoo before #metoo was even a thing due to Gotchu's constant sexual harassment. ... the list literally goes on. I've met some incredible people because of this community. When I took over the community from Hatch I told you guys that Renegade Army is an important place to me and that I would do everything that I possibly could to be the best possible owner of it. I hope that I have done Hatch justice and I hope that I've had a positive impact on the community. Throughout the years I've had a lot of really great times with you all but I also know that I've made decisions and done things that some of you haven't agreed with. I've had a lot of disagreements and plenty of arguments with some of you. That being said, though, every decision that I've ever made has truly been made because I considered said decision to be for the better of the community. Lastly, I wanna say a massive thank you to everyone who has been a part of the staff team; both current staff members and all of the ex-staff. It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside you all and this community wouldn't have lasted as long as it has if it hadn't been for you guys. You've spent an incredible amount of your free time on this community and for that I'm grateful. You've made me feel happy, frustrated, angry, sad, lucky, thankful and probably a million other emotions throughout the years - but most importantly you've made me proud to be a part of Renegade Army. What a run it has been.