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  1. Welcome back to the army. @yellow
  2. Ik,I'm 2 days late but

    happy birthday , you're 18 

    you can be a pedo now


  3. Happy Beerday TOL! PA inuman ka nmn jan Hahahaha  :x:x:x

    1. Zer0virusx


      HAHAHAHA salamat pre haha eh kung ikaw kaya ang pumunta d2 para maki inom haha

  4. Happy birthday, faggot.

    I hope you get a gigantic dildo as a present, so you can satisfy yourself while listening to Marilyn Manson.


    1. Zer0virusx


      LMFAO thanks and yeah it was great actually, oh and I think your GF is gonna need that dildo more than I am. 

  5. 18th Birthday tomorrow! 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zer0virusx


      Ingin palu?

    3. Ozys


      Ako kita zero xdddd

    4. Zer0virusx


      nice fked up filipino noob *ako ay ikaw

  6. Pretty much there are some cheaters who uses auto snipers in the Zombie server too but that can happen rarely though and yet it shall remain in the Death Match server, everyone has their own skill depends on the guns/weapons they're using or how accurate.. well we can give an example of @Toxyn and his/her OP P90 lmao
  7. Try to be more active in our forums, i'll hold my vote if not i'll put a negative on this
  8. can u just stop that, some day i'll just see someone make harambe on a unicycle.. oh wait someone should make that as a new meme of harambe v2 @Ozys
  9. Hi how's it going , música top

  10. Maybe you were the one who's misunderstanding? This game topic is about posting a word, one God damn word NOT a sentence or name of things (such as music, movies, series and games). Other than that I think nobody here has ever mentioned that you can now post word sentences with a GIF or Photo.
  11. it has been a while again @Liquidbullets wb!
  12. TOP KEK

    1. Zer0virusx


      o hai virgin, are u? lmfao

    2. Zer0virusx


      >>implying i don't own a dog

    3. Zer0virusx


      nah i really don't tho 

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