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  1. i'm just checking out changes and how's everyone here.. not really quite back from now though

  2. i hate it when some random peeps here i don't know posts non sense or some spams to my profile.. jfc

    1. finesse .

      finesse .

      i think we deleted a bunch, for some reason the spam bots always hit your profile lmao


  3. Hb boy i miss you

  4. jfc how long have i been gone

  5. This is It.

    play with ya soon in the future! chat with us via steam or discord if u have the time, goodluck
  6. 3rd comeback of A$$A$iN

    who u again?
  7. 3rd comeback of A$$A$iN

    u again
  8. 3rd comeback of A$$A$iN

    who u
  9. Happy birthday zero! I thought about you :pogchamp:, since we both celebrated the same day. Hugs! 


  10. The "YOU " Post

  11. The "YOU " Post

    tetrath wratrix
  12. [EVENT] BHOP Tournament

    use haxx @IItzFaithYT