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  1. Cool Down Timer For ThunderBolt

    it's around 10 seconds per aim, but yeah it needs some sort of countdown number on the screen or it pops up some notification that it will notify you saying "ready to use" or something like that
  2. Staff Update #10

  3. Staff Update #10

    I highly appreciate taking the role as Senior admin for returning back into the community. It's quite "disturbing" but who cares lmao..
  4. Hola server

    Well this is now in the correct topic..? and also *Writing
  5. Wrath :D

  6. when i entered in your profile....all my friends who were in my room were dancing and jumping into the air.

    its like dance club.. bam bam bam.....


    Welcome To the ZerO DancE CluB :)

  7. Hola server

    brb cancer
  8. Wrath why *_*

  9. Wrath why *_*

    crystal box is extremely rare now, and it was ur choice to buy a donor lol honestly being a donor is far 'better' for being advanced anyway
  10. Wrath why *_*

    Now if the players are simply being abusive not giving the others a chance to get the crystals, it'll lead to a fair warning and a kick when this happens. When twice been made it's probably going to a temporary ban lol
  11. Wrath why *_*

    The diamonds can only spawn 2 times from now like wrath mentioned here earlier.. That means only 1 or 2 players can only claim the crystal and the weapon obtains randomly. This was not also a "mistake" for putting them as in the crystal box, if this wasn't made most players would annoy or beg us for those every time when we play like the recently days we encountered playing with @Nhuck (Of course some of them could not afford or buy them if they ever feel like to). Yes it might feel really bad for them to get the donor weapons for "free" but you as a donor you can keep the donor items forever but not them and I've already mentioned this here. I'm not a donor and i'm also not that choosy when it comes to terms of using all these weapons i'm only using my own skills since the only make it difference are the rankings and skills and i can easily feel when any of the weapons feel fishy so @Wrath comes to tweak them, yeah i believe it's not easy to code for mods when we ever find some bugs/glitches problems into each servers even when you have other responsibilities to do. If it wasn't also for me and @Wachi the zombie server wouldn't really be good as it usually was before, you should be happy what you are now tbh.
  12. Wrath why *_*

    The reason was ever since the donor option has been added the players popularity in our server had a loss. Maybe this was one of the reasons why so then to stop these guys from begging or asking for the donor weapons so we decided to put them for the diamond crate. I think it's also selfish if we don't give these guys a chance to hand one of those too. Since then the donor weapons are equally balanced, if we are gonna compare Thunderbolt and Destroyer i think both are great but then the thunderbolt does more damage like advanced with a very slow reload/charge.. while the Destroyer has a double or triple damage hits and u can fire it with 1.4-ish seconds. The Pulse rifle is a fun gun to use it's just the buffed alternative version of the Plasma rifle, the Plasma only has reload for a fair use ( also with unlimited ammo) since it has a high damage with rage and incendiary bullets while the Pulse gives x1 damage, has secondary firing attack option and no reloading comparing to the Plasma.. but later on it gets boring (for me). Vulcanus-XI is a good auto shotgun for crowded zombies around you since all the special shotguns gives those powerful knockbacks and damages like the Balrog-XI and Skull-XI. The Vulcanus-XI deals with high damages but comparing to Balrog-XI is a bit confusing when we compare these both which is better and they both have 2 Different Secondary Firing attacks like the Vulcanus for blue flame shells and fast firing mode then the Balrog for Spitfire mode while the Skull-XI has a zooming scope & only deals with higher 'advanced' damages like the Vulcanus. The difference is that the Player skills like us make the game changes not the weapons.. Sometimes the weapons too but what matters is that our skills make it different. On the other hand, some weapons are still gonna need some tweaking and fixing right now.
  13. Bug Reports and Suggestions.

    Just a confirmation that the Thanatos-9 has been cancelled. - @Wrath

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