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  2. Dragger/Licker Repellent

    The reason why the licker zombie was added it's for typical "runners" who also kept jumping around the map to get away from infection (like higher ranked players who don't give chances to lower players). Well we have heavy human class for that but you can still get dragged by a licker after these recent updates @Wrath did. You could use sandbags or force shield carefully not to get infected and you have to feel if there's any licker zombie around your path you need to kill them first fast. I believe they may be annoying but they're too easy to handle, Reaper is probably still one of the worse class to all of them unless you use Wiseman class (infection bomb incoming). You don't really have to use all your stamina just to get yourself out from licker's ability it takes a skill anyway, maybe we can add more seconds cooldown from it. NOTE: We're saving spaces for other future items that will be added into the server soon to avoid reaching limits though some items can be removed if necessary.
  3. Back

  4. I need help picking one...

    just get a denim jacket LMAO
  5. [EVENT] Deathrun!

    i'll see if i can make it lul
  6. [EVENT] Deathrun!

    damn it will start at 5 AM for me lmao
  7. Confess something that embarrasses you.

    Agreed with @FriedPotato it also depends if you know how to handle a relationship. You're still too young for this @IItzFaithYT (you're like 12, no offense tho) there are lots of girls to choose all around ya when you turn older, the most important of all to keep a stable relationship are knowledge, loyalty and respect (maybe money can be a little problem ).. but you will only understand when you have found that right person for you.
  8. :perfect::perfect::perfect:

    1. IItzFaithYT


      This song makes a lawn mower use me to cut the grass!!!

    2. Bam Bam
  9. Weapons that need some damage upgrade

    >never tells us complete infos about how physics really work u pls
  10. Weapons that need some damage upgrade

    i can't imagine u pvp'ing on me with dat shitty reaper class omfg
  11. Weapons that need some damage upgrade

    playing as a low rank against higher ranked players will really feel useless unless u are skilled enough to face them although it depends who u play with
  12. Weapons that need some damage upgrade

    The sandbags are quite fked up because when me and @IItzFaithYT were playing yesterday and we placed sandbags on areas and when I or he hits the bags they get destroyed that's the confusing part about it since the other players cannot damage our bags unless they become zombies but maybe when it comes to admin to admin's bags it gets removed when being hit with guns. This has been an old issue but i guess that's how it's made for some fair play like being blocked by bags at some point of 'trolling' and also... SIREN IS CANCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  13. Weapons that need some damage upgrade

    a God on God battle could cause chain reaction

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