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  1. jfc how long have i been gone

  2. This is It.

    play with ya soon in the future! chat with us via steam or discord if u have the time, goodluck
  3. 3rd comeback of A$$A$iN

    who u again?
  4. 3rd comeback of A$$A$iN

    u again
  5. 3rd comeback of A$$A$iN

    who u
  6. Happy birthday zero! I thought about you :pogchamp:, since we both celebrated the same day. Hugs! 


  7. The "YOU " Post

  8. The "YOU " Post

    tetrath wratrix
  9. [EVENT] BHOP Tournament

    use haxx @IItzFaithYT

  11. Dragger/Licker Repellent

    The reason why the licker zombie was added it's for typical "runners" who also kept jumping around the map to get away from infection (like higher ranked players who don't give chances to lower players). Well we have heavy human class for that but you can still get dragged by a licker after these recent updates @Wrath did. You could use sandbags or force shield carefully not to get infected and you have to feel if there's any licker zombie around your path you need to kill them first fast. I believe they may be annoying but they're too easy to handle, Reaper is probably still one of the worse class to all of them unless you use Wiseman class (infection bomb incoming). You don't really have to use all your stamina just to get yourself out from licker's ability it takes a skill anyway, maybe we can add more seconds cooldown from it. NOTE: We're saving spaces for other future items that will be added into the server soon to avoid reaching limits though some items can be removed if necessary.
  12. Back

  13. I need help picking one...

    just get a denim jacket LMAO

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